HyperConomy 1.13.2 2019-02-19

The all in one economy and shop plugin.

  1. WriteEscape
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    • 1.13
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    HyperConomy is the all in one economy and shop plugin. It can be a simple chest or sign shop plugin, a Vault compatible economy plugin, a region based shop plugin with many configurable options, or even a complex system of economically competing towns and kingdoms. Any vanilla Minecraft item can be traded in HyperConomy and virtually any custom item can be added as well. Prices can be configured to change dynamically or they can be set as desired. HyperConomy has many features including things such as item price linking and showcase style item displays. Read below or check out the wiki for more information.

    orignally by RegalOwl but i have updated the code to 1.13.2 under the GPL License


    • Supports all standard Minecraft items. (fireworks, lore, books, maps, damaged items, etc.)
    • Supports the addition of unlimited custom items.
    • Integrated economy plugin.
    • Player to player, player to shop, and shop to player trading.
    • Dynamic pricing system based on a hyperbolic curve.
    • Item price linking (price of recipe item is based on price of component items)
    • Player owned shops and chest shops.
    • Item frame shops.
    • Showcase style item displays.
    • Localization.
    • GUI Editor for easy manipulation of price settings.
    • Price floor, price ceiling, static pricing, initial pricing, sales tax, purchase tax, unlimited stock option and much more.
    • Dynamic tax rates. (Rich players can be taxed more than poor ones.)
    • Supports MySQL and SQLite.
    • Allows the creation of an unlimited number of economies, which allows for economically competing towns, kingdoms, factions, or other groups.
    • Supports command-free economies using transaction signs.
    • Price information, history, and more can be displayed on automatically updating information signs.
    • Price update notifications for any or all items.
    • Experience and enchantment trading.
    • When a player enters and leaves a shop, HyperConomy displays a customizable message.
    • Nearly everything can be changed while the server is running.
    • Unwanted features can be disabled.


    Versions and Development Builds

    • Recommended builds are marked with [RB] and are generally thought to be stable and bug free.
    • Builds marked as [Beta] are as bug free as possible, but often have large code changes which may result in the appearance of new bugs.
    • Builds marked as [Dev] are development builds that I've decided to upload to BukkitDev. I may upload dev builds on occasion to provide easy access because Bukkit staff does not allow linking to development builds.
    • Development builds may contain bugs as I work on releasing a new [Beta] build. They may also contain fixes for bugs found in [Beta] builds. Use these builds if you're looking for a bug fix, or would like to try out a new feature I've just added. Also, feel free to search for bugs in the development builds. Any help with testing is greatly appreciated!
    • Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
    • The latest development builds can be found here.


    • HyperMerchant
      HyperMerchant is a graphical user interface for your players to use to interact with HyperConomy shops.
      It is also includes the ability to easily create Citizens npc shopkeepers for your HyperConomy shops.
    • HyperConomy Web
      HyperConomy Web creates a web page for HyperConomy, displaying information about all shops, items, and price history. The web page appearance can be customized to fit your server.

    New Features, Bugs, Problems, etc.

    • If you have a question, or find a bug, first check the FAQ. I will try to include as many helpful questions and answers as possible.
    • If the FAQ doesn't help, don't hesitate to post your question or make a ticket.
    • If you do find a bug, please include which version of HyperConomy you're using, the full error message or stack trace (if there is one), the version and type of Minecraft server you're running, and an explanation of how to reproduce the bug or what causes the bug.
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Recent Reviews

  1. GreenArrow99
    Version: 2019-02-19
    awesome plugin but I really hope you had it supported for 1.16!
    and even keep up the work!
  2. wolfgang784
    Version: 2019-02-19
    I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you continuing this plugins development. We were having a lot of trouble finding something that met our standards and did what we wished it did, BUT THIS IS IT.

    Noticed you only just updated / posted this in the last few days, but I really hope you keep it going in the future man.
    1. WriteEscape
      Author's Response
      I'm updating and fixing this for the long term, but would really appreciate if you could help me find said bugs and issues as you find them.