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HyperConomyX 0.10.0

Hyperconomy adapted for 1.16

  1. Cole
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    HyperConomyX is an updated and refined version of the original HyperConomy plugin by RegalOwl, the all in one economy and shop plugin. HyperConomyX is most known for its dynamic pricing model, but it has a variety of other features including chest shops, player shops, and server shops.

    • Item (including custom items), enchantment and experience trading
    • Dynamic pricing system based on a hyperbolic curve.
    • Item price linking (price of recipe item is based on price of component items)
    • Chest Shops
    • Player shops
    • Item frame shops.
    • Item displays
    • Localization
    • GUI Editor for easy manipulation of price settings
    • Price floor, price ceiling, static pricing, initial pricing, sales tax, purchase tax, unlimited stock option and much more
    • Static or dynamic tax rates
    • Supports MySQL and SQLite.
    • Unlimited number of economies
    • Transaction signs for command-free trading
    • Information signs with price information, history, and more
    • Price update notifications
    • Time effects
    • Nearly everything can be changed while the server is running.
    • Modular design (can disable unwanted features)
    Changes from HyperConomy
    • Redesigned info sign format
    • New scrolling info signs
    • Redesigned /hctop
    • More!
    • Download HyperConomyX from the releases tab.
    • Place the HyperConomy jar file your plugins folder.
    • Restart your server.
    Help, Bugs, etc.
    • Check out the wiki from the original Hyperconomy here. For changed features such as info signs, please check out the wiki on the GitHub project page.
    • If you experience a bug, please include Minecraft server type, version, and other plugins installed in your issue report.