HyperEvents 1.1.2

Control what happens when a player dies.

  1. Joeldesante
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    **This Plugin Is No Where Near Done... So Don't Expect That Much From It.**
    Special stuff that is caused by other stuff... If that makes sense.

    NOTE: This Plugin Requires Vault!
    Features -
    - When a player dies you can trigger a handful of different events such as Bleed, Firework, Loot, Particles, Announce, Custom Death Messages, and more coming soon.
    Permissions -
    No Permissions Yet...
    No Config Yet....
    Support -
    Images -

    The image below shows (in the chat) the message shown when a player loses money when they die.
    Tutorials -
    None Yet...

    If you would like to make one, PM me the link.
    Things To Do -
    1. Add More Events
    2. Add An Extensive Config
    3. Integrate The RainAway plugin into the events.
    4. Integrate HyperEvents into the Doom plugin (coming soon).
    Terms Of Use -
    1. You may not redistribute this plugin in any way.
    2. You may not decompile this plugin and use the code for your own use.
    3. You are responsible for any issues that may have been caused by the usage of this plugin.

    At least not yet...

    © Copyright Joel DeSante 2017, All Rights Reserved.

Recent Reviews

  1. The_Emerald_Pig
    Version: 1.0
    This is quite cool and there's no other plugin like it, so well done dude :D But if you could add pics etc then it'd probably attract more players
    1. Joeldesante
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I'm updating it now to actually work correctly. Now it takes the players cash and generates a folder for future configs.