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  1. Devyn02
    Creeperzombi3 (Manager, Author, Tester)
    HyperInventory is a plugin where whenever you break a block in a specified world, it will remove the block and place it into your inventory for you without any lagg or hassle.


    Absolutely none!


    None atm, if it is requested I can add it.


    /worldname - Tells you the name of the current world you are in incase you needed it for the config.

    /worldlist- Tells you all the worlds that are currently enabled for HyperBlocks.


    HyperInventory 1.0

    Currently only supports 1 world

    HyperInventory 1.1
    Specify multiple worlds in config

    Now supporting Ores to Ingots. Break any ore and it will become an ingot in your inventory!

    Ores to Ingots also supports Fortune up to level 20 =D

    HyperInventory 1.2
    Breaking ores now generate exp!

    HyperInventory 1.3
    Ores now give random amounts of gems depending on what fortune is on the pick.

    Lapiz ore now gives lapiz :)

    HyperInventory 1.4
    When breaking blocks with Data Types like Jungle Wood or Birch Wood, they will now give you those blocks.

    HyperInventory 1.5
    Fixed a bug for Redstone ore

    HyperInventory 1.6
    You can now set your own max Fortune level in the config file =D

    More to come! I would love to hear your suggestions.


    Official Server
    None =D

    Msg me if you want to add your server here