Hype's OnePlayerSleep - [1.16] 3.5.1

A very simple, customizable one player sleep plugin!

  1. hypews
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Hype's One Player Sleep

    A, very simple, one player sleep plugin.

    Ever played on a SMP server and wasn't able to have a good nights sleep? Well, this plugin allows that.

    /opsreload - Reloads the config file (Permission: ops.reload)

    Key features:
    • Customizable config
    • No sleep animation. Right click the bed to instantly make it day
    • Only one person needed to sleep to make it day
    • Easy support!




    Code (Text):

    configversion: 1.0 # Dont change this

    ## -- Change this to suit your server -- ##

    prefix: "&3[&bOnePlayerSleep&3] &r"
    playerDay: "<prefix>&bYou can't sleep during the day" # This message sends if a player tries to sleep during the day
    playerNether: "<prefix>&cYou can't sleep in the nether!" # This message sends if a player tries to sleep in the nether, idk why they would
    sleepTitle: "&3You slept!" # This is the title that is sent when a player sleeps
    sleepSubtitle: "&bIt is now daytime" # This is the subtitle that is sent when a player sleeps
    broadcastSleep: "<prefix>&bSomeone slept! It is now daytime." # This is sent to all players when a player sleeps
    noPerms: "<prefix>&cYou do not have permission to run this command"

      Enabled: true

    To Do:
    - Reload Command
    - More customizability

    For support, message me on Discord: