HypixelPunishments 1.0

Hypixel style kick, ban, tempban, permban plugin! You can change the urls!

  1. Debuggings
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    With this simple ban plugin you can do the following:
    - Kick
    - Mute
    - Unmute
    - Tempban
    - Unban
    - Permban

    /kick <name> <reason>
    /mute <name> <time> <reason>
    /unmute <name>
    /tempban <name> <time> <reason>
    /unban <name>
    /ban <name> <reason>

    Replace <time> with a string like "30d12h30m", you can use Days, Hours, Minutes.

    The permissions are the following:
    - Kick / hypixelpunishments.kick
    - Mute / hypixelpunishments.mute
    - Unmute / hypixelpunishments.unmute
    - Tempban / hypixelpunishments.tempban
    - Unban / hypixelpunishments.unban
    - Permban / hypixelpunishments.ban

    If you find any bugs please be sure to leave a reply and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Please do not leave negative reviews because something is not working.

    WARNING: This plugin might not be suitable for servers above 100 players since it is using a YML file to store punishments. I might upgrade to a database later.





    Default Configuration:
    Code (YAML):
    bandomain: https://www.hypixel.net/appeal
    : https://www.hypixel.net/mutes
    : https://www.hypixel.net/kick
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Recent Reviews

  1. IpvpmcXD
    Version: 1.0
    5 stars!!!!! But PLEASE make the message editible so we dont have to go all into files and stuff even though i know how to do it i want other players to have it easier
  2. FireRoz
    Version: 1.0
    It is very good and I really like it.
    A very useful tool for it would be a /alts command & a /history or /banshistory <player>. I personally don't use it as I really need an history thing.
    1. Debuggings
      Author's Response
      Hi. Thanks for the review. Before I add anything I would like to add a proper DB support to it + I can not test the alts command as it would require logging people's IP but I do not own a proper minecraft server just localhosted.
  3. Marc2020
    Version: 1.0

    I really like the Idea the plugin is made, but please lease please add mysql support. This could be super useful for Networks with Bungeecord and Cloudnet or else. Keep doing this great work!
    I hope you update it soon to mysql :D
    And update it to 1.12.2
    And it would be cool when you make the messages editable and make a bigger config
    5 Stars if 1.12.2 and mysql support
    1. Debuggings
      Author's Response
      Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. I have to fix a few bugs before I could do anything with mysql and I would probably use postgres if I ever make db support!