i6Chat - Tagging Players, External Chat Control (Mobile & PC) 1.0

i6Chat allows players to tag a player in their message, so it shows in a different colour in chat.

  1. Adriani6


    i6Chat allows players to tag other players that they wish to send a message to. The messages are in another colour so the receiver sees that message is aimed at him.

    The plugin is also planned to expand. It will contain a PC & Mobile Client, which will allow control of chat anywhere, without the need of being in game. Players will be able to Tag selected (by you) players, and if they're online on a client, it'll deliver a message to them. There will be a notification system for mobile users, where the phone would vibrate upon arrival of a message.

    Now, server staff will be able to help out anywhere, with newbie questions.

    To tag a player, simply do: @<username> <message>.

    The message then will be sent to that player if they're online.

    Planned Features
    - Android Client (Planned for update 1.3)
    - PC Client (Update 1.1)
    - Possibly, clicking username to tag players (Not planned yet)

    Open to any more ideas.

Recent Reviews

  1. fire__rain
    Version: 1.0
    awesome! and it's a good idea to make it a bungee plugin,just do it! :D