Ice Walker - Scatter the cold under your passage 1.1

Craft enchanted boot for walk on the water !

  1. Kedarin
    Presentation :
    IceWalker is a plugin which allows you to create boots directly enchanted, a new enchantment " Ice Walker " this enchantment will make freeze the water or the person will walk, the players having boots with IceWalker can walk on the water.

    Crafting :

    /! \ This is a recipe known as shapeless, which mean that you can place the elements where you like!


    Commands and configurations :

    • /icewalker : Have the effect IceWalking without boots
    • /icewalker setradius <Number> : Edit the effect radius of the /Icewalker (not work above 15)


    • "Radius" : Such as the command set radius ( default )
    • "BootRadius" : Boots effect radius
    • "icewalker.craft" : Allow the player craft boots;
    • "icewalker.walking" : Allow the player run /icewalker
    • "icewalker.radius" : Allows the player to change the radius of effect of the command /icewalker

    Sorry for my bad English but i'm French
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Recent Updates

  1. Now Lily pad are broken by the ice

Recent Reviews

  1. mctutocraft12
    Version: 1.1
    Author's Response
    Break ice after passage ?
    Yes please speed for maj please

    (for the 100 characters)
    1. Kedarin
      Author's Response
      I try to do this after returning from holiday to August 25
  2. Xu_wznln
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin! Please add time to broke the ice. And the waterlily on the water will be broken by the ice. Please fix it
    1. Kedarin
      Author's Response
      Break ice after passage ?
  3. Bolean
    Version: 1.0
    awesome hahaha nice .