IceSQLPlayer 1.1.2

Synchronized player.dat (inventory, enderchest) and stats on multiple server ! (1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9)

  1. IceRhal

    The plugin stock player.dat and player stats in MySQL.

    When a player join server his player.dat and his stats are synchronized.

    player.dat contains specially health, food level, player's inventory and player's enderchest


    Code (Text):
       hostname: localhost
       port: 3306
       database: database_name
       username: username
       password: password
       tablename: IceSQLPlayer
    #Respawn_location : last / spawn / custom / default
    #last : is the last position where the player disconnected
    #spawn : is the spawn position
    #custom : is the position define in customLoc
    #default : is the position stored in player.dat (/!\ if player has an other server it's possible to respawn in a block, and he can take damage)
    respawn_location: last
    world: world
    x: 0
    y: 64
    z: 0
    respawn_location: set where the player respawn 4 choices are possible:
    • last: is where the player disconnected
    • spawn: is the spawn location in the main world
    • custom: is a custom location define in customLoc
    • default: is the position of player.dat (/!\ the player can spawn in a block, and he can take damage


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