IceTouch now with Ice Breaking Boats! 2.1.2

Permissions to mine ice and Ice Breaking Boats

  1. mickverm
    What it originally did: Between minecraft (and thus craftbukkit) 1.0.0 and 1.3.0 people couldn't mine ice with silktouch anymore. This plugin recreated this feature for servers running CB1.2.5.

    What it does now: Now ice and packed ice can only be mined by the user if the user has permission to do so. If the user doesn't have permission it will create either water or air depending on the conditions.

    New features since v2.1: The plugin now includes boats which break Ice! When you bump your boat into ice it will break the ice if you're either holding torches, flint and steel, glowstone or a lava bucket.

    Melting/breaking the ice consumes items:
    • Torches and flint and steel have the biggest chance of getting consumed
    • Glowstone has a smaller chance to break than torches and flint and steel, and when they break they give 1-3 glowstone dust back in return.
    • A lava bucket has the same chance to cool down as Glowstone, but it also breaks ice in a bigger radius.
    Note: You have to hold the items in your hand!


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