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Chat Moderation tool for Admins/Server Owners

  1. Irantwomiles
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8

    Hello everyone, today I'll be releasing a better version of my chat moderation tool. Its a very simple plugin but works great for servers with large amounts of people with chat constantly spamming. I understand that many servers like to keep a toxic free atmosphere and that is the main reason I made this plugin.


    1) Locking chat and Unlocking Chat: this allows staff members to lock/unlock the chat so only people with the right permissions can talk (Usually only staff members).

    3) Clear Chat: This is better than the usual clear chat, this only clears chat for regular players. This way staff members can deal with those who have been disrupting chat and creating a toxic atmosphere.

    2) Chat Filter: This is my favorite. I hate it when people try to ruin a players day by talking nonsense in chat to them and removing the joy of playing on my server. This filter allows you to add words to a list that will get filtered when someone types it in chat, but it notifies all staff members with the correct permissions to deal with that person accordingly. If you would like to remove any links from entering chat, I would recommend adding .com or what ever ending to the list and it will automatically remove any website containing that ending.

    3) SlowChat: This allows you to slow down the chat for a certain amount of seconds. This reduces the spam in chat.


    /lockchat or /lc
    /clearchat or /cc
    /unlock or /ul
    /slowchat <seconds> (type /slowchat again to turn off)


    - ichat.chat.mute (Allows player to mute chat)
    - ichat.chat.unmute (Allows player to unmute chat)
    - ichat.chat.clear (Allows player to clear chat)
    - ichat.chat.bypass (Allows player to talk even when chat is muted)
    - ichat.filter.see (Allows player to see filtered messages)
    - ichat.chat.slow (Allows player to slow down chat)
    - ichat.chat.slow.bypass (Allows player to bypass the chat delay)


    Sadly the messages are currently not configurable, I'll be adding that next update.

    [EDIT]: Slow chat was added to the most recent update.


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