IChatManager| 1.8 ~ 1.16.3 0.0.7

IChatManager helps you with your server chat.

  1. youfish30gamer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Is based to help you with your server chat.

    This plugin has been tested on the following version:

    1.16 +


    Plugin contains the following features:
    Chat clearance
    Chat mute
    CommandSyntaxBlocker <plugin:command)
    Custom join & leave messages with or without permissions
    First join message.
    First join titles & subt titles
    Join titles & sub titles
    HexColor for 1.16+ users

    Usage: <#ffffff>

    More comming soon.

    Plugin contains the following commands:
    /icm reload
    Permission node: icm.admin
    Feature: Reloads all plugin configuration.

    /icm help
    Permission node: icm.admin
    Feature: Shows up help menu for the plugin.

    Permission node: icm.clearchat
    Feature: Clears server chat.

    Permission node: icm.mutechat
    Feature: Mutes and unmutes the server chat
    CustomJoin permission
    Permission node: icm.cutomjoin

    CustomLeave permission
    Permission node: icm.leave

    Syntaxblocker bypass permission
    Permission node: icm.syntax.bypass

    MutedChat bypass permission
    Permission node: icm.mutechat.bypass

    AntiSwearFilter bypass permission
    Permission node: icm.antiswear.bypass
    Staff notification permissio node: icm.antiswear.bypass

    AntiCapsFilter bypass permission
    Permission node: icm.caps.bypass
    Staff notification permissio node: icm.caps.bypass

    note: This feature ignores player names if they have too much caps in their name

    Code (Java):
    # !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
    #                       Welcome to the main config of IChatManager
    # !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
    #    For support and suggestions: Discord:
    #    - CozyLeprechaun94#9173
    # !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
    #    1) COLOR CODES are supported with the '&' character. See
    #       - [URL]http://minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Formatting_codes[/URL]
    #    2) Alt codes are also supported on this plugin.
    #      - [URL]https://coolsymbol.com/[/URL]
    #    3) PlaceHolder %player_name% is for players name.
    #    4) PlaceHolder %display_name% is for players displayname.
    #    5) If your using Essentials join message's make sure to disable them if you want to use the custom join & leave message from this plugin.
    #    6) PlaceHolder %filter_message% is for swear words for staff notifications.
    #    7) HexColor placeholder is for example <#cef542>
    #                  [URL]https://www.color-hex.com/[/URL]
    # !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
    #Important messages
    Perm_error: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &fNo permission.'
    Console_sender: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &cThis command can only be executed by in-game players!'
    Reload_message: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &aYour config has been successfully reloaded.'

    Syntax_message: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &cYour not allowed to use this syntax!'

    #Clearchat command message
    Chat_clear: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &fThe chat has been cleared by &6%player_name%.'
    #Server MuteChat command message
    Mute_chat: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &fThe server chat has been muted by &6%player_name%.'
    UnMute_chat: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &fThe server chat has been unmuted by &6%player_name%.'
    MutedChat_notification: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &6%player_name% &fTried to speak while chat was muted!'
    On_Chat_Mute: '
    &cYou can not send a message while the server chat is muted!'
    #Server AntiSwear filter( %blocked_word% is for the filterwords!)
    Censor: '
    AntiSwear_Message: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &cThe word &6%blocked_word% &cis not allowed!'
    Staff_Notification: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &6%player_name% &fSaid &6%blocked_word% &fAnd it was blocked.'
    #Server AntiCaps filter ( %caps_amount% is for the Caps_Amount that the player can use!)
    #Set Caps_Amount: 0 to disable Anti_Caps.
    #Leaving Caps_Amount empty, the plugin will use the default number in original config (10 letters).
    Caps_Amount: 10
    Anti_Caps_Message: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &cYou can not use more than %caps_amount% CAPS in your message!'
    Anti_Caps_Notification: '
    &3&lIChatManager &8» &6%player_name% &fTried to use more than &e%caps_amount% &fcaps in thier message&c!'

    # !-----------------------------------------------------------------------!
    # Custom Join and leave messages.
    # 1) make sure to remove Normal join/messages if you want custom ones.
    #    both won'
    t work and they would get 2 join/leave messages
    # 2) Placeholders for these messages are mentioned
    #    at the top of the config
    #  !-----------------------------------------------------------------------!
    #First Join message
    FirstJoin: '&7Welcome &e%player_name% &7to server!'
    #Permission join/leave message's requires icm.customleave && icm.customjoin.
    Custom_Join_Permission: '
    &8[&2+&8] &7%player_name%'
    Custom_Leave_Permission: '
    &8[&c-&8] &7%player_name%'

    #Normal join/leave message'
    s requires no permissions.
    No_permission_join: '&e%player_name% Join the server'
    No_permission_leave: '&e%player_name% left the server'

    #Join titles and sub titles
    #When a player joins for the first time
    First_Join_Title: '&3&lEXAMPLE SERVER'
    First_Join_SubTitle: '&fWe hope you enjoy your stay!'

    #When a player logs back on
    Join_Title: '&3&lEXAMPLE SERVER'
    Join_SubTitle: '&fWelcome back &c!'

    Code (Java):

    # !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
    #                       Welcome to the blocked words config of IChatManager      #
    # !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
    #    For support and suggestions: Discord:
    #    - CozyLeprechaun94#9173
    # !-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!

      - 'word'
      - 'Test'

    Feel free to contact me on discord:


    Note: Feel free to leave a preview if you like using the plugin.

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  1. DustyAngel
    Version: 0.0.5
    very great plugin. i use it on my survival server and use the plugin to block some commands, so the people with op cant /kill all or tp all
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      Author's Response
      Nice to hear that.