IconicSpy (CommandSpy) 5.0

Custom spy to see commands

  1. New releases & updates w/ bug fixing

    Hey guys! So I finally got back to uploading and I did quite some extensive updates. Nothing visual, but it should be faster and more optimized for your computer!
  2. Information

    INFO A few updates will be coming out shortly! Happy Halloween!
    I thank you all for the downloads, and I want to keep them going. I've been quite inactive recently but I plan to pick up the pace again! :)
  3. Bug fixed // Support for breken mechanics [NEEDED - UPDATE NOW]

    FIXED | Auto-updater
    FIXED | Command issues
    FIXED | Config values not working
    ADDED | Toggle features for join messages
    ADDED | Message configuration

    TODO | Priority system
  4. Bug Fixing / Dev mode fix

    ADDED | Server information on developer mode
    ADDED | More update information
    FIXED | Developer mode not working to its extent (my use only)
    FIXED | Tons of bugs squashed....
    FIXED | Commandspy command not working correctly
    TO-DO | A command importance system. ("[!] Player1: /op player2")...
  5. Bug Fixing / Dev mode

    ADDED | Developer mode, I ask you NOT TO EDIT this in the plugin itself. Please respect that.
    ADDED | Auto updater
    FIXED | Minor bugs in the code

    TO-DO | A command importance system. ("[!] Player1: /op player2")
  6. Added a subcommand

    ADDED | Subcommand /[commandspy | alias] -help
    NEXT » Next there will be /[commandspy | alias] -check [player] to check spy status of a person (like on the help page)
  7. Bug fixed // Blacklisting!! :D

    FIXED | A few major bugs
    ADDED | A blacklist system, only editable in the config

    Code (Text):
    format: '&3{player} &8&l» &b{command}'
    worldedit-format: '&c[&eWorldEdit&c] &3{player} &8&l» &b{command}'
    - player1
    - player2
    Blacklisted people will not be shown on the commandspy, as in, if they do a command while blacklisted, you (and anyone with it on) will not see their command
  8. IconicSpy [1.8-1.10 V3.3] Fixer Upper

    FIXED | Certain bugs in files
    ADDED | Toggle others commandspy with /<command> [player]
    REMOVED | The random /deop and /op commands
  9. Support for 1.8-1.10

    SUPPORT | 1.8
    SUPPORT | 1.9
    SUPPORT | 1.10
  10. Nothing much

    As I said, not much :p

    FIXED | Minor file bugs

    REMOVED | Non-needed code