ID Converter 1.2.2

Convert item IDs to Material names. (Or back) Supports data values and the new 1.13 Materials!

  1. ID Converter 1.2.2 - Fix more mappings errors

    • Fix mappings for fish, grass block, chiseled sandstone, infested cobblestone, infested crached stone bricks, iron bars and zombie villger spawn eggs.
    • Use specific locale (english) for case changes
    • Fix IdMappings#get/getByFlatteningType method
  2. ID Converter 1.2.1 - Fix and add some mappings

    • Add some missing mappings
    • Fix wrong mappings (ink sacs)
    • Add support for :0 data values
  3. ID Converter 1.2 - Fix lowercase toggle

    • Fix lowercase toggle not working
    • IdMappings.Mapping#getLegacyType and #getFlatteningType return uppercase strings now