ID Converter 1.2.3

Convert item IDs to Material names. (Or back) Supports data values and the new 1.13 Materials!

  1. ID Converter 1.2.2/3 - Fix more mappings errors

    • Fix mappings for log, wood, speckled melon, purple shulker box, nether portal, liquids, fish, grass block, chiseled sandstone, infested cobblestone, infested cracked stone bricks, iron bars and zombie villger spawn eggs.
    • Use specific locale (english) for case changes
    • Fix IdMappings#get/getByFlatteningType method
  2. ID Converter 1.2.1 - Fix and add some mappings

    • Add some missing mappings
    • Fix wrong mappings (ink sacs)
    • Add support for :0 data values
  3. ID Converter 1.2 - Fix lowercase toggle

    • Fix lowercase toggle not working
    • IdMappings.Mapping#getLegacyType and #getFlatteningType return uppercase strings now