Allow you to change, override and/or lock player names

  1. Intangir
    Intangir, Cory Redmond
    very simple:

    lets you override the name a player logs in with based on the UUID

    you can also lock a players first seen name (until changed by a mod)

    redirect them to a link if its overriding them and they don't like it

    only one command for renaming which is configurable
    default is: overridename, rename, changename
    permission is:

    ex: overridename uuid newname

    you can remove or change any command aliases that interfere with other mods

    check config.yml after first run

    you can do something like so to grab existing names for locking:
    Code (Text):
    ~/minecraft/logs$ zcat * | grep 'UUID of player' | sed -e 's/^.*UUID of player \(.*\) is \(.*\)/  \2: \1/' | sort -u > ~/minecraft/names.yml
    then copy it into your nameoverrides.yml

    source is available here:

    Requires Yamler:
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  1. GoadingGoat
    9/10 my friend! it works (mostly)! note to others. you need to use uuid to change the name, and may cause errors with other plugins. But the plugin does what it says it does. To the author, hope you will try to take the plugin further.