iDisguise 5.8.2

Disguise as a mob or other player

  1. Robingrether
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:

    This plugin enables you to disguise as every mob or as another player.
    It is possible to disguise as some non-living mobs as well (e.g. falling blocks).

    Visit the new iDisguise WIKI for more information.

    Download the latest version (1.13.2, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.8.8)
    iDisguise WIKI

    iDisguise on Twitter
    iDisguise on
    Source code on GitHub

    Basic Usage
    To disguise as a mob, just type /d and then append the mob type (e.g. zombie).
    To disguise as a player, just type /d player and then append a player name (e.g. Dinnerbone).

    Please note that you can only see other players' disguise not your own.

    You can find more information (including permission nodes) in the new! iDisguise WIKI.

    Video tutorial by ServerMiner:

    To Do List
    • see-through feature (5.6.4)
    • disguise entities (5.7.1)
    • viewable disguises (5.8.1)
    • skin database
    Plugins using iDisguise

    Special Features
    This plugin includes an update checker, which automatically checks whether an update is available every time you restart/reload your server. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled by changing updates.check to false in the config.yml. (update/version informations come from which provides a secure API for this)

    This plugin also includes an auto-update function, which automatically downloads every update available. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by changing to true in the config.yml. Of course, this feature only works if updates.check is enabled as well. (updates are downloaded directly from so you are safe from malicious content)

    This plugin integrates bStats Metrics to collect and evaluate some statistics. Visit the Plugin Metrics page to find more information about what stats are collected from your server, where they are sent to and how you can disable this if you don't want it.

    This plugin is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. The license text can be found here:


Recent Reviews

  1. SkyHeroesDada11
    Version: 5.8.2
    How to disguise an another player to the mob ? ex: /disguise PLAYER wolf ? I want disguise another player and I can't :/
    1. Robingrether
      Author's Response
      /odisguise <target-player> <disguise>

      E.g.: /odisguise RobinGrether wolf tamed sitting collar=red
  2. Seamusmario
    Version: 5.8.2
    This plugin is very great. it is useful for some command block based minigames. It is very great. Love it.
  3. tomkow2014
    Version: 5.8.1
    Very good plugin! Waiting for viewable disguise because sometimes it's ease to spot disguised player and I don't even know how i look.
  4. redpower35
    Version: 5.7.3
    i can't op/deop myself , nothing is happening in the console , before, the plugin was working perfectly
  5. Santocraft
    Version: 5.7.3
    Please update it to 1.13, the plugin is really good and it's really needed. The current 1.13 won't try to activate it.
  6. Jafar
    Version: 5.7.3
    hello im running faction server and i want ask when players in disguise and someone hit them the disguise should gone is there permission for this?
  7. OniNoby
    Version: 5.7.3
    where are permissions will fix rating once i get permissions thank you ...................
  8. KatilBalina
    Version: 5.7.3
    Good free plugin and api. i waiting good more feature :D
  9. JasperWorld
    Version: 5.7.3
    Doesn't work at all, I have nte and essenrtials, it doesn't change the skin or the name in chat or tab.
  10. Marido
    Version: 5.7.3
    Awesome resource, the only free and amazing disguise resource. Great and fast support from the author, I would really recommend it to anyone.