iDisguise 5.8.2

Disguise as a mob or other player

  1. Bug fixes for Feature Update October 2018

    * fix player disguise skin overlay not visible
    * ensure compatibility with Java 9+
    * fix multi world issues (disguise view-self)
    * update bStats Metrics

    ATTENTION: If you use iDisguiseAdditions or iDisguiseWG you have to download updates for these plugins as well.
  2. Feature Update October 2018

    + add feature "disguise.view-self" (see config file)
    + add support for 1.13 (currently 1.13.1 and 1.13.2)
    + add new entities from 1.13 (fish, dolphin, phantom)
    + add item disguise subtype "unbreakable"
    + add vanilla target selector
    * rework enderman, falling block, item and minecart disguise
    * rework a few more disguise subtypes
    * rework plugin help
    * memory leak fixed
    * use a Netty channel handler or ProtocolLib packet listener to edit packets
    * falling block disguise glitch...
  3. Bug fixes II for Feature Update May 2018

    * entity disguise fixed
    * player list fixed
    * update check fixed
    - drop support for old data format
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  4. Bug fixes for Feature Update May 2018

    * client crashes fixed (happened when disguised players joined the server)
    * command exception fixed (happened when you disguised invalid entities)
    * two other minor bugs fixed
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  5. Feature Update May 2018

    + living entities can be disguised
    + new option disguise.bungee-cord (fixes player disguise with bungee cord)
    + new disguise type area-effect-cloud
    + new disguise subtypes sitting (available for ocelots, dogs and parrots)
    + disguise type command aliases can be translated now
    + hooks with NametagEdit and ColoredTags fix interference
    + new disguise subtypes for boats (different types of wood)
    * realistic sounds are reworked and improved
    * config descriptions...
  6. Disguise see-through and some bug fixes

    • fix game profile loading (offline servers and errors)
    • fix scoreboard issues (config option available now)
    • add disguise see-through feature (use /disguise see-through [on/off] to toggle)
    • some internal improvements
    • add permission for custom names (iDisguise.mob.custom-name and iDisguise.object.custom-name)
    • add enchanted item subtype (example: /disguise item material=diamond_sword enchanted to be an enchanted diamond sword)
    If you use...
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  7. Support for 1.12 and some fixes

    • fix death and kill messages
    • add custom-name-visible and custom-name-invisible attributes/subtypes
    • improve player disguise (skin and display name can be set independently)
    • drop support for 1.7.x
    • add full support for 1.12 (including parrot and illusioner, as well as their sounds)
    • fix player skins in offline mode
    • modify scoreboard packets to ensure other plugins work properly
    • remove ghost disguise
  8. Improve command feedback and fix exceptions

    • fix no such method exception in Java 1.7
    • add new metrics charts
    • improve command feedback
    • fix exception during start-up
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  9. Improved subtypes and more

    • add parameterized subtypes (e.g. custom-name=I'm\sa\scool\sanimal)
    • fix horse variants in 1.10 and lower
    • implement bStats as a replacement for MCStats
    • drop support for 1.7.2 and 1.7.5
    • improve custom names
    • improve API
    • add disguise visibility parameter
    • improve disguise type listing
    • change block disguise command syntax (it works like this now: /disguise block material=log material-data=2)
  10. Fix automatic update download

    • fix automatic update download
    • add permission node to iDisguise.*
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