IdleBot - Step up your AFK game 1.2.1

An Essential Discord/Minecraft AFK Utility

  1. MetalTurtle
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    IdleBot — Step up your AFK game

    An Essential Discord/Minecraft AFK Utility
    By MetalTurtle and Camshaft
    Description: IdleBot is a plugin that sends messages to players in Discord when various events occur while idle. Players are able to link their Discord account to Minecraft, then they can choose to receive alerts in a public channel or direct message from the bot.
    • Alert on death
    • Alert on damage
    • Alert when a player's inventory is full
    • Alert when a player reaches a certain coordinate
    • Alert when a player reaches a certain experience level
    • Alert when a player gets a certain advancement
    • Alert when a player breaks a tool
    • Integration with the DiscordSRV plugin
    Roadmap: These are some planned features for IdleBot that have not yet been implemented. For a more complete list, see our GitHub Project.
    • Permission support for admins
    • Full GUI control for players in-game
    • Localization
    Story: We enjoy Minecraft for its technical aspects and often AFK to obtain more resources in the game. This was effective, but we were limited by the control we had over monitoring our AFK-ing. We spent countless hours scouring the internet, looking for possible solutions to our struggles, but to no avail. Finally we decided that this type of tool could be realized as a Spigot plugin. Using our previous experience of building plugins, we decided to collaborate to create this utility. We hope you can step up your AFK game too!

    Code (YAML):
    # This is the configuration file for the IdleBot plugin!
    # More information and help can be found here(insert link)
    # Comments refer to the option BELOW them

    #    _____    _ _      ____        _
    #   |_   _|  | | |    |  _ \      | |
    #     | |  __| | | ___| |_) | ___ | |_
    #     | | / _` | |/ _ \  _ < / _ \| __|
    #    _| || (_| | |  __/ |_) | (_) | |_
    #   |_____\__,_|_|\___|____/ \___/ \__|

    # This is the token you get from your application in the Discord Developer Portal: | DO NOT INCLUDE THE <> | Ignored if discordSRV is true
    : <Bot Token Here>
    # This is the ID of the Discord channel you want the bot to send messages to | DO NOT INCLUDE THE <> | Not needed if publicChannelMessagesEnabled is set to false
    : <Channel ID Here>
    # Do you want this plugin to rely on DiscordSRV for account linking? (Recommended if you are using DiscordSRV)
    : false

     # Should players be allowed to have alerts sent to a public channel | default: true
    : true
      # Should players be allowed to have alerts sent to a private channel | default: true
    : true
      # The default message channel to set for players when they first link their account | default: public | options: [public, private]
    : public

    # Category ignored if discordSRV is true
     # The type of activity in the bot's Discord status | default: watching | options: [watching, listening, playing, none]
    : watching
      # The second part of the bot's Discord status. For example, if this says "idle players" the bot's status could be "Watching idle players" | default: idle players
    : idle players

     # Should players be allowed to go AFK just by standing still | default: true
    : true
      # Should players be allowed to go AFK by typing a command | default: true
    : true
      # The default mode for players to go AFK | default: auto | options: [auto, manual]
    : auto

     # (s) The default idle time for players who do not set their own | this must be between minimum and maximum idle time set below minimum of 5 seconds | default: 120
    : 120
      # (s) The minimum idle time a player can set for themself | you can set this to a minimum of 5 seconds | default: 20
    : 20
      # (s) The maximum idle time a player can set for themself | you can set this to a maximum of 86400 seconds (1 day) | default: 600
    : 600

    NOTE: When updating IdleBot, we recommend removing the config.yml file in the IdleBot directory and letting it re-generate by starting and stopping the server.

    Please see the GitHub Wiki to learn how to configure and use IdleBot.

    If you come across any bugs, please make a GitHub issue.

    Logo designed by Reevak05.
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