IG CMS 0.412

IG CMS is content management system which you can use for your (not only) minecraft websites.

  1. PetkoZatkoLP
    Source Code:
    DragonMan11111, TheNano111, Cube46
    Languages Supported:
    English, Slovak, Czech
    IGCMS stands for "Innovation Gaming Content Management System".

    Virustotal link (v412): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/...5af5fc791951a5ce2ae5b17323e15a46da3/detection

    • You can use this CMS for your private / public projects if you include me in your project (in footer).
    • You cannot use this CMS in closed-source projects.
    • You cannot upload same version as this CMS on another websites without permission of the author.
    • You also need to include authors of templates
    • Login / Register system
    • Theme (Template) system
    • Forum system
    • Ticket system
    • User's profile system
    • Group system
    • Page system
    • News (Posts) system
    • Minecraft server status system
    • Page system
    • Edit site's settings (footer etc.) system
    • Easy install wizard
    • You'll need your own MySQL (MyIsam or InnoDB) database.
    • PHP 5.6, 7.3 or 7.4
    • Own webhosting for your domain (webserver)
    • Domain

    • Extract IG-CMS .zip file.
    • Drop everything from extracted folder to your webserver.
    • Run website in your browser.
    • Proceed with installation.
    • Enjoy using IG CMS!

    If you have any issue please do NOT write it into reviews (commnets) but into "Issues" tab on GitHub.
    Thank you.

    * All images are illustrional and may not result in the final product, the real preview of current version you can find always on http://igportals.fun/


    1. igcms.png
    2. igcms2.png
    3. igcms3.png
    4. igcms4.png
    5. igcms5.png
    6. igcms6.png
    7. igcms7.png
    8. igcms8.png
    9. igcms9.png
    10. igcms10.png

Recent Reviews

  1. TheProGrammer
    Version: 0.412
    This is definitely still not a cms:

    1. Using absolute urls in htaccess (even in other files) is dangerous: ErrorDocument 404 http://igportals.eu/content/templates/materialkit/pages/404.php

    2. If I see this, I could cry:
    $l = array();
    $l["backtoweb"] = "Back to web";
    $l["theme"] = "Theme";

    3. Most code seems to be JavaScript (~ 83%), why? (just a question)

    4. PHP file named "functions.php", "settings.php", "version.php", ...? Dafuq? Did you ever take a look into a real content management system?

    5. I'm still laughing if I read your requirements.

    6. and so on...

    It might be ok for new users but I'm sorry for them if they're using it. As I already said (and in my last post of the same resource, your've deleted a few days ago), it's definitely not a cms. There's absolutely no structure and so on. You and your contributors seem to be clueless in how to develope real software.

    And don't forget:
    Don't try to push your own resources. 5-star answer just 11 minutes after creating this resource seems to be very very suspicious.
    1. PetkoZatkoLP
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your opinion!

      I didnt delete it, it was removed because spigot banned me, but 3 days later they unbanned me because of my ban appeal.

      Also TheNano is not my account but one of community contributors, so :KEKW: