iGive 1.0

iGive is the /i or /item command from the Essentials plugin

  1. Floober
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    Multiple times have I wanted the /i command but didn't want to deal with configuring the welcome messages and removing everything else that I didn't need. Because of that, I decided to remake the /i command!
    Note: I did not copy any code or even draw inspiration from the essentials code. This was made by myself. The idea and original making of the /i command is from Essentials. I do not take credit for the idea.


    The /i or /item command is from the Essentials plugin. This plugin offers the /i command but without everything else that Essentials offers. The /i command works just like the /give command but it is faster. You dont have to type the full "give" only "i", and you do not need to specifly the player, it always gives it to yourself.

    /i <item> <amount>

    eg. "/i stone 10"
    or "/i grass_block 64"
    Doing "/i <item>" gives you 1 of the chosen item.