iHelp Beta-0.2

Replace the default /help command with a better one, based on inventorys.

  1. Sumafu
    You are tired of the default /help command in Bukkit? iHelp is the solution! iHelp integrates a better /help command to your Minecraft server, based on inventories.

    When you enter the /help command, you can a menu like an inventory. The items in the menu can be clicked, a click can open an other menu or can print a text in the chat or can execute a command.

    If want to have also the default /help command, you can use /? or /bukkit:help instead.

    Download the latest version of the plugin. Unpack the Zip-file, copy the jar-File into the plugins folder and restart the server. That was it. Now you can use the better /help command. At time it includes a default menu, see more under "Configuration". To use the plugin, you need Bukkit 1.8.4 or newer.

    In the plugins folder you find a folder named iHelp, in this folder is a file with name 'iHelpMenu.yml', this file includes the hole data for the menu. If you changed something in the configuration, you must reload the server at least with /reload.

    You can open the default menu to see how to implement the configuration. A description of the configuration you can find on my BitBucket page, git.sumafu.de/ihelp

    Old versions
    If you use Spigot 1.8.3 you need iHelp Beta-0.1

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    Version: Beta-0.2

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