Image On Map API 1.0

API to add an Image To A Map for Craftbukkit/Bukkit

  1. RDNachoz
    With this API you can send any image to a map when the player joins the server. With this however, there are a few requirements/warnings...
    1. The player should be given a map on join, if not the API won't send them the view of the image
    2. The image you want to put on the map MUST be in the package that the MapRenderListener class is in.
    Here are the instructions on how to use this API:
    1. Download the resource
    2. Put the resource in it's own package with the image
    3. Change this line:
      Code (Text):
      image ="map.png"));
      to your image INCLUDING the extension.
    4. Give the player a map on joining
    5. Upload dickbutt picture onto map.

    I do plan on updating this in the future to allow a little more freedom. But for now this is about it.