ImageOnMap 4.0-pre2

Have you ever wanted to view an image on an ingame map? ImageOnMap provides just that.

  1. AmauryPi
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Vlammar, prokopyl (main contributor of the 3.0 version), moribus
    Languages Supported:
    French, German (partial)
    Have you ever wanted to view an image on a map ingame? ImageOnMap allows you to do it! (Inspired by ImgMap)


    ImageOnMap allows you to load a picture from the Internet to a Minecraft map.
    • Loads an image from a URL onto a map. PNG, JPEG and GIF are supported.
    • These images will be saved on your server and reloaded at restart.
    • Big pictures will be cut automatically into several parts! As example, a 1024x1024 picture will be cut in 16 maps.
    • Your image will be centered.
    • You can put your map in an item frame.
    This plugin is a free software lisensed under the GNU General Public License (version 3 or above). The source code is published on GitHub. You can also get unstable development builds here.

    The latest version is only compatible with Minecraft 1.15+.

    Quick guide
    1. Ensure that you have a free slot in your inventory, as ImageOnMap will give you a map.
    2. Type /tomap URL, where URL is a link to the picture you want to render (see the section below).
    3. Enjoy your picture! You can place it in an item frame to make a nice poster if you want.
    German speakers, you can watch this video (thanks to StarlessMiner)
    English speakers? Watch this one! (thanks to bebosny)
    Another tutorial in English (thanks to ltjim007)

    Commands and Permissions

    /tomap <url>
    Renders an image and gives a map to the player with it.
    • This command can only be used by a player.
    • The link must be complete, do not forget that the chat limit is 240 characters.
    • You can use an URL shortener like tinyURL or bitly.
    • If you want a picture in one map, type resize after the link.
      • If you want to resize to multiple maps, add the witth and height after resize: e.g. /tomap url resize 2 4
      • You can change the scaling method by replacing the resize keyword in the /tomap command by:
        • resize-stretched to stretch the image to the surface (the image could be distorted); or
        • resize-covered to ensure the image covers the whole surface (the image will never be distorted, but some parts may be lost near the borders).
    • Permission: (or imageonmap.userender—legacy, but will be kept in the plugin).

    Opens a GUI to see, retrieve and manage the user's maps.
    • This command can only be used by a player.
    • Opens a GUI listing all the maps in a paginated view.
    • A book is displayed too to see some usage statistics (maps created, quotas).
    • A user can retrieve a map by left-clicking it, or manage it by right-clicking.
    • Maps can be renamed (for organization), deleted (but they won't render in-game anymore!), or partially retrieved (for posters maps containing more than one map).
    • Permission: imageonmap.list, plus imageonmap.get, imageonmap.rename and imageonmap.delete for actions into the GUI.

    /maptool <new|list|get|delete|explore|migrate>
    Main command to manage the maps. The less used in everyday usage, too.
    • The commands names are pretty obvious.
    • /maptool new is an alias of /tomap.
    • /maptool explore is an alias of /maps.
    • /maptool migrate migrates the old maps when you upgrade from IoM <= 2.7 to IoM 3.0. You HAVE TO execute this command to retrieve all maps when you do such a migration.
    • Permissions:
      • for /maptool new;
      • imageonmap.list for both /maptool list and /maptool explore;
      • imageonmap.get for /maptool get;
      • imageonmap.delete for /maptool delete;
      • imageonmap.administrative for /maptool migrate.
    About the permissions

    All permissions are by default granted to everyone, with the exception of imageonmap.administrative. We believe that in most cases, servers administrators want to give the availability to create images on maps to every player.
    Negate a permission using a plugin manager to remove it, if you want to restrict this possibility to a set of users.

    You can grant imageonmap.* to users, as this permission is a shortcut for all user permissions (excluding imageonmap.administrative).

    Code (YAML):
    # Plugin language. Empty: system language.
    # Available: en_US (default, fallback) and fr_FR.

    # Allows collection of anonymous statistics on plugin environment and usage
    # The statistics are publicly visible here:
    : true

    # Images rendered on maps consume Minecraft maps ID, and there are only 32 767 of them.
    # You can limit the maximum number of maps a player, or the whole server, can use with ImageOnMap.
    # 0 means unlimited.
    : 0
    : 0



    The 3.0 release is a complete rewrite of the original ImageOnMap plugin, now based on zLib, which adds many features and fixes many bugs.

    This new version is not compatible with the older ones, so your older maps will not be loaded. Run the/maptool migrate command (as op or in the console) in order to get them back in this new version.

    You will find amongst the new features:
    • New Splatter maps, making it easy to deploy and remove big posters in one click!
    • No more item tags when maps are put in item frames!
    • Internationalization support (only french and English are supported, for now; contributions are welcome)
    • Map Quotas (for players and the whole server)
    • A new map Manager (based on an inventory interface), to list, rename, get and delete your maps
    • Improvements on the commands system (integrated help and autocompletion)
    • Asynchronous maps rendering (your server won't freeze anymore when rendering big maps, and you can queue multiple map renderings !)
    • UUID management (which requires to run /maptool migrate)


    • Fixed permissions support by adding a full set of permissions for every action of the plugin.


    • Added 1.13.2 and 1.14 compatibility
    • Dropped compatibility with 1.12 and lower
    • Improved some UIs
    • Added support for images' resize to a specific size: you can do /tomap https://url/image.png resize 2 2 to get a 2×2 frames image.
    • Status messages are sent in the action bar instead of the chat
    • Added back statistics (you can opt-out in plugins/bStats/config.yml)
    • Added an update checker

    4.0 pre-release 2

    • 1.15 compatibility (now building against a 1.15-compatible zLib version).
      • This version is only compatible with Minecraft 1.15 and later—for older Minecraft versions, please use 4.0-pre1 or older.
    • Improved some translations in French (thanks to Gabriel C.).

    Data collection

    We use bStats to collect basic data about the usage of this plugin*. This can be disabled in the plugins/bStats/config.yml file.

    * See the statistics page for a complete list of what is collected
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Recent Reviews

  1. iOshawott
    Version: 4.0-pre2
    I like it but please... All permissions granted by default?! wtf it's sick :| please change it
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      Hello! I don't really understand your concern. All permissions are granted… yeah, but they only allow players to act on *their* images, not others. E.g. `imageonmap.delete` allows a player to delete one of its own images, but they'll never be able to alter others in any way.

      And there is one permission only granted to operators: imageonmap.administrative, required for maintenance tasks (like v2→3+ data migration).

      So, nothing to be worried about! :)
  2. TehBrian
    Version: 4.0-pre2
    Amazing resource! My server is now a ton more unique and fun because of it. It's well made, the messages are good looking, and it feels consistent and polished. If you're looking for some way to get images onto maps, this is the best plugin for that by a long shot.

    Additionally, it's also been updated to 1.15.2! All in all, amazing plugin!
  3. T.J.
    Version: 4.0-pre2
    Thank so much for updating to 1.15! I've long awaited for this, very nice work put into this plugin.
  4. T.J.
    Version: 4.0-pre1
    I love this plugin was good for 1.14 although I updated my server to 1.15 and am getting errors
    Please update it to 1.15
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      We're working on it right now! Thanks for your patience :)
  5. Meowxi
    Version: 4.0-pre1
    We've been using this plugin for ages on our servers, always did it's job just fine and made up for alot of funny moments! Hoping that a 1.15 version is released at some point.
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      The point is now! Thank you for using ImageOnMap :)
  6. SchippoHD
    Version: 4.0-pre1
    Works like a charm, does exactly what it needs to do.
    I'd love to see an update to 1.15!
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      You can now upgrade ImageOnMap to 1.15 :)
  7. Tommy_Vic
    Version: 4.0-pre1
    please add 1.11.2 to the list :( i want this plugin .
    1. AmauryPi
  8. boulettebill
    Version: 4.0-pre1
    Wow, wow and just wow!!!! What a crazy plugin :DDD Very nice work, I really can do what I want here :D
  9. lifo
    Version: 4.0-pre1
    Great Plugin! Works awesomely on 1.14.4
    Please update it to work Paper 1.15.1.
    Atm I'm getting a few exceptions which prevent it from working.
    Thanks in advannce.
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      1.15 support (for CraftBukkit, Spigot and Paper) is now available in 4.0-pre2 :)
  10. TrollyBashGuy
    Version: 4.0-pre1
    GREAT! But I wish it worked with 1.15. It is great otherwise!
    A nice feature to have is to be able to change how an image is fit to a map
    1. AmauryPi
      Author's Response
      1.15 support is now available! You can currently add “resize” after the URL in the /tomap command to resize the image to one map (or multiple ones with e.g. /tomap url resize 2 4 to get a 2×4 poster). I plan to simplify this operation in the future with something like an in-game GUI :) .

      You can also change the scaling mode using `resize-stretched` or `resize-covered` instead of `resize` in the /tomap command :) .