ImageOnMap 4.1.2

Have you ever wanted to view an image on an ingame map? ImageOnMap provides just that.

  1. Moderation Update Three

    This version fixes some small console spam bugs and improves the performance of the translations of the plugin.

    This version is only compatible with Minecraft 1.15.2+.
  2. Moderation Update Too

    This version fix bugs introduced with 4.1, and others fixed on QuartzLib side, as this update the QuartzLib version we use to 0.0.3.

    This version is only compatible with Minecraft 1.15.2+.

    • Fixed update message sent even if the plugin is updated.
    • Fixed weird update message (raw JSON instead of formatted text).
    • Fixed rare inventory bugs, causing items to be duplicated or barrier blocks to be obtained.
    • Fixed possibility to get XP from the glowing effect applied on...
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  3. Moderation Update

    4.1 — Moderation Update gives mods or admins commands to see maps for other players, to give maps, but also to update maps already placed in the world. You can also use ImageOnMap commands from the console or from command blocks, opening a whole new realm of automation around ImageOnMap (read: commands executed from skripts and data-packs should work).

    We also fixed some bugs that were reported by lots of people.

    This version is only compatible with Minecraft 1.15+.

    • ...
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  4. Subtle Comfort

    The first stable release of this 4.0 branch is out!

    4.0 – Subtle Comfort
    is a bit light in content, but we have unified part of the plugin (splatter map) and we prepared upcoming changes with required zLib features. The next update should be bigger and will add more stuff : thumbnail, optimization, possibility to deploy and place item frames in creative mode, creating interactive map that can run a command if you click on a specific frame…

    This version is only compatible...
  5. [PRE-RELEASE] 1.15 support

    This version brings 1.15 support to ImageOnMap. 1.14 and below are not supported by this version—please use 4.0-pre1 or older if you need to stay on 1.14.4 or below.

    Many thanks to Vlammar who did most of the upgrade work!

    Here is the full changelog:
    • 1.15 compatibility (now building against a 1.15-compatible zLib version).
      • This version is...
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  6. [PRE-RELEASE] The long-awaited

    ImageOnMap for 1.13+1.14—it's here! Yes! Finally!

    First of all, I want to again apologize for the huge update delay. I had a long no-Minecraft period being really busy for other projects, and it's sometimes hard to keep up on every update when you don't play the game. Unfortunately, I was the only maintainer left. Fortunately, I came back and I'm no longer the only one!

    Now, for the changelog:
    • Added 1.13.2 and 1.14 compatibility
    • Dropped compatibility with 1.12 and lower...
  7. The permissions update

    • Fixed permissions support by adding a full set of permissions for every action of the plugin.