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Make anvils indestructible for all player or just a few! Good for your donators!

  1. ZyrkRan
    Do you have a public anvil station and it runs out of anvils really fast or just wanted to give your players the ability to use anvils without breaking them? Wanted to have indestructible anvils but never knew how? Look no further! Because today I bring you InmortalAnvils. Basically, you give the permission to the whole server or certain players to use anvils without destroying them.

    • Makes no damage to an anvil if the player that used it has the permission.
    • No more worries about people asking for anvils if you have a public anvil station on your server.
    • Ability to disable/enable the plugin if something wrong happens.
    • /inmortalanvils reload - Reload configuration file
    • /inmortalanvils update - Check if there is a new update (It will not be automatically downloaded)
    • /inmortalanvils help - Display a help guide
    • inmortalanvils.use - Allows the player to use the anvil without causing any damage to it.
    • inmortalanvils.reload - Allows the player to reload the configuration file.
    • inmortalanvils.update - Allows the player to run a command to check for new updates.
    • - Allows the player to run a command to see the help guide.
    How to install
    Drop the JAR file into the server's plugins folder and reload or restart the server. Configure/modify the configuration file as you want :)

    Known bugs
    None at the moment. If you find a bug, or receive an error message on the console, please report itimmediately.

    Update checks
    This plugin uses Gravity Updater to keep you updated with the latest version of this plugin.

    Configuration File
    You can find an exact copy of the latest configuration file here.

    This is not available right now. :)
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  1. Bolean
    Version: 2015-06-23
    I would love to use this
    1. ZyrkRan
      Author's Response
      Feel free to use it as you want. Stay tuned for future updates. Im working on a cheesy one :D