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iMotd 1.0.0

Set custom messages for your server in player server list.

  1. i_jedi
    This plugin will allow you to easily set the message that your players will see in their server list. The messages support color codes using the '$' symbol. The messages for the second line can also be randomized.


    Config file:

    How to use:
    • Enable the plugin by going into the config.yml file in the iMotd folder and change "enabled" to true.
    • Set the top line by changing the message under "topLine" to whatever you would like. You may have to play around with the message length depending on what font colors/styles you use.
    • Set the bottom line by change the message under "bottomLine" to whatever you would like.
    • Enable random bottom line messages by changing "enableRandom" to true. Once random messages are enabled you can set as many random messages as you would like under "randomMessages".
    • /imotd reload:
      • This will reload the configuration settings for the plugin. You may have to restart or reload your server when enabling the plugin.
    • imotd.reload:
      • This will give the permission to use the command /imotd reload.

    If you have any suggestions or questions feel free respond to this post!​