Improved Manhunt 1.1.0

Minecraft Manhunt but with more features! 1.16+

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    The concept of this Plugin is that it gives the end user more options to customise their experience. Simply put, more options = better. Improved Manhunt is based off the concept that while people may like the concept of Minecraft Manhunt, not everyone would like to play the exact original version popularized by Minecraft Youtuber Dream (Patreon link to him here). Thus, Improved Manhunt was born.

    Background of Manhunt
    In Minecraft Manhunt, one player is assigned the role of Speedrunner, and is tasked to defeat the Ender Dragon. The rest of the players will be Hunters and will try to kill the Speedrunner before he/she defeats the Ender Dragon, with their only advantage being a tracking compass.

    Improved Manhunt

    So, how is Improved Manhunt different?

    • NETHER WORKS: Tracking in the Nether is possible!
    • Automatic giving of Hunter compass on respawn.
    • Add Identifier: Option to add a Player's team name in chat and in tab list. (If you use in game nicks, please turn this off).
    • Auto Compass: Choose between the original(ish) design of left clicking to update Speedrunners, or compass auto updating Speedrunner location without the need to left click. (More on right click later)
    • Random Speedrunners: Instead of choosing Speedrunners, let the game do it for you!
    • 4 Different Objectives: The original of beating the Ender Dragon is an option of course. Additionally included is killing a Blaze (the halfway point of killing the Dragon), reaching the Nether (for quick games), and beating the Wither (for those that want the extra challenge).
    • Speed Sneak integration: A modifier for Improved Manhunt.
    • 10s countdown timer before game starts: Helps to alert players that the game is starting.
    • Customizable number of Speed feathers (Speed II) for Speedrunners! (No cooldown).
    • Doesn't matter when the game starts: time will be auto reset back to 0.
    • Pre-game move: Ban moving before the game starts so that players that load in earlier won't get a scouting advantage.
    • Don't worry about players fooling around before the game, all players are restored to full health, full hunger, and 5 saturation on game start. (This is the default values on respawn).
    • Easily list Speedrunners: A one command job.
    Wait Speedrunners? With an "s"?!

    • Unlimited Speedrunners: If your server can handle the player mass, and if your ears can stand being in a voice chat of more than 10 people speaking at one time, go right ahead!
    • Easy Speedrunner reset: If you have a large number of Speedrunners and you don't want to remove every single one of them one at a time.
    • Easily switch between the Speedrunner you are tracking and other available Speedrunners: with a simple /track (Speedrunner) command, or right clicking your compass! (I told you I'll address compass right click!)
    • One time setup: Want to play with the same settings on the same server multiple times? Even after restart, the server will remember all settings except for assigned Speedrunners!

    Improved Manhunt with Identifiers
    This photo also shows the set saturation on game start using appleskin.
    Convinced why the plugin is called Improved Manhunt yet? No? Well, there's one more feature...
    Graphical User Interface
    For those not so comfortable working on a command line, Graphical User Interface (GUI) is here to help! I won't explain much about the GUI, and will allow you to explore it yourself. The GUI has the exact same commands as the Command Line Interface (CLI), but in a graphical form! You will have to use one command to open it though, which is "/mh". There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

    The GUI
    Command Line Interface
    For those that prefer a CLI, you haven't been forgotten! In fact, to make your lives easier, the options for tab complete actually help you! (Instead of endless useless options of tabbing your own name). Without further to do, here are your commands. All commands are not case sensitive.
    • /addidentifier [true/false]: Sets whether identifiers will be on. Does not work when game is ongoing. Choice is persistent.
    • /autocompass [true/false]: Sets whether autocompass will be on. Does not work when game is ongoing. Choice is persistent.
    • /compass: Fixes a broken compass, in the rare case this happens. This is created as a failsafe. Only works when game is ongoing.
    • /improvedmanhunthelp: A hopelessly long command for a simple function. This is so that it does not clash with Minecraft's own /help command. Always works.
    • /improvedmanhunt: or /mh. Opens the GUI. Always works.

    • /hunt [start/stop/random] [(Number of Speedrunners if random is selected)]: Starts with assigned Speedrunners, stop ongoing hunt, or randomise Speedrunners and start. The start and random commands do not work when the game is ongoing, and the stop command only works when the game is ongoing.
    • /pregamemove [true/false]: Sets whether players can move before the game starts. Do not that if true, after the game, all players will not be able to move. Does not work when game is ongoing. Choice is persistent.
    • /resethunt: Really, a better name for this would've been "resetspeedrunners", but that's longer. All this actually does is clears all Speedrunners. Does not work when game is ongoing.

    • /roles: I would have preferred /list, but Minecraft beat me to it. This lists all the Speedrunners assigned. Always works.
    • /speedrunner [add/remove] [(player name)]: Add a player to join Speedrunners, or remove a player from Speedrunners. Does not work when game is ongoing.
    • /speedrunnerobjective [beatDragon/killBlaze/beatWither/reachNether]: I think this is self explanatory (I also can't think of anything witty to say for this). Does not work when game is ongoing. Choice is persistent.
    • /track [(Speedrunner)]: You can use this instead of right clicking compass. Only works when game is ongoing.

    With that, we are done! This is all you actually need to play the game!

    You don't actually need to set up everything, you can just use the default settings to play if you wish. The default is:
    • Add Identifier: true
    • Autocompass: true
    • Objective: beat Ender Dragon
    • Pre-game Move: false

    Intergrations with other plugins
    I plan on integrating a few optional plugins that you can decide to use with Improved Manhunt. If you don't, the game will still work!

    Speed Sneak's is a modifier to Manhunt, where when one player sneaks, another player gets Speed X. In Improved Manhunt's case, when a Speedrunner sneaks, a random Hunter gets Speed X. To integrate, just use the /link command, or the GUI, and play as normal!
    Regarding config.yml
    The config.yml is where all persistent settings are stored. If you delete this file, your settings will reset to default. Please do not submit a bug report if your server does not remember what your options are due to config.yml deletion. For those who like to tinker with the config.yml, there really is no need. All settings are configurable either through GUI or CLI. Reloading your server may break the plugin, and is not tested extensively (this is true for many other plugins).

    Imposed restrictions and known issues
    While I would love to have no restrictions on the plugin, I regret to have to impose some to ensure that the plugin works as intended. So here go's.

    • Disable compass craft
    • Disable compass drop
    • Disable compass pickup
    • Disable compass rename

    That's all! These restrictions are in place to avoid the plugin breaking. Due to Compass pickup being disabled, picking up a compass will not be possible on Hunter death. Now, on to known issues.
    • Firstly, the compass has a fit if it's on auto compass mode and is in main hand. This is only visible in First Person view. It still works, just an eyesore. (Btw, auto compass will only track as long as you are not afk. Your character needs to either be moving, or panning it's camara to update the compass.)
    • Secondly, GUI exploits. While I have already put in preventive measures to stop players from stealing items in the GUI and placing it in their own inventory, it still has been done. My friend has been able to use a internet connection with high ping to pull the item out of the GUI before the plugin could stop my friend. I personally have not been able to replicate this, but my friend managed to do so.

    If there are any issues that you find, instead of negatively rating Improved Manhunt, tell me about the issue on Discord instead. Any suggestions? Hop into Discord as well! I will not be reading the comments everyday, and I will be checking Discord more often in comparison.

    This is a 1.16+ plugin, and a back-port will not be made. This is a Spigot based server plugin, therefore supported platforms include PaperMC. A minimum of Java 8 is required.

    Individual players do not need to install this plugin on their instance of Minecraft for this to work, only server installation is needed. Just drop this plugin in your /plugins folder to install!

    Enjoy this plugin? Maybe check out Endermaning as well! Lastly, if you really enjoy this plugin, do consider buying me a coffee. Regardless, enjoy the plugin and get hunting!

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    Great plugin, works but spams npe on Could not pass event PrepareItemCraftEvent to ImprovedManhunt v1.0.2
    1. awesomemoder316
      Author's Response
      Hi, I'm sorry you are affected by console spam. Using your information, I have managed to reproduce the console spam and will be pushing an update to fix this soon.