imRec 2.1

Plugin thats tell's your friends that you are recording

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    When you are recording a video on YouTube in a server maybe your friends will swear in the chat so you'r video will be not nice so you are gonna install the plugin and when your record a video just type /rec [start:done] and your name will become red color and the plugin will send a broadcast Message to the server that notice them you are started recording

    Update! :

    • Updated Permissions
    • Updated Commands
    • Added Anti-Spam
    • You must start record before done it !!

    • You can change the message from the config
    • You don't need to change any thing in config to start using the plugin
    • The plugin has two language's : English / Arabic
    • The plugin has Anti-Spam

    • Sends a message in the chat that notice other players you are started rec
    • Change's the recorder name color to red in TAB list

    • /rec for all commands

    • imrec.rec ( for /rec *)
    • imrec.color ( for the red color in tablist )

    When you type /rec start


    When you type /rec done


    when you are recording the tab list will be like this

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