In Game MOTD Changer 1.0

Change your motd in game!

  1. haloxhawk
    MOTD Changer

    Hey everyone this is a simple plugin which allows you to change your server motd with 1 simple command. This is easy to use and best of all you dont need to config anything!
    Hope you enjoy if you have any questions leave them below or add me on skype Hotshotgaming(dot)
    Thank you

    • /Setmotd <motd> - This is the command to change your MOTD.​
    • Allows you to set a custom colored MOTD trought a simple command.​
    • Allows you to set a custom colored MOTD trough a config.​
    • This supports color and unicode.​
    motd.set - Ingame permission required to set your motd unless you are op.​


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Recent Reviews

  1. NIK220V
    Version: 1.0
    At first i was like ok, that's a fine plugin.
    But then i looked into the code, and oh God..
    Each new argument for command is a new if section?
    That's how coding should NOT be done.
    I hope your later projects will be much better.