iN_Blocks- Whole builds in 1 block! 1.6 dev build

Give players entire buildings, in 1 block!

  1. 1.3.2 dev build 1- Survival mode overhaul,

    See, said I was coming back...

    Note: This is a dev build so please report any issues in the plugin thread immediately.

    This is another big one, regenerate your configs and optionally your lang.ymls. You also have to redefine any schematics for this one, only if you care about getting the correct rotations.

    Survival Mode is now completely overhauled. Chests need the materials placed inside them in order for it to place.

    -All build blocks are now chests. Bedrock & any other block will no longer be given to players.
    -Players can now leave the server and have their builds resume on their next login. Servers can now shutdown without losing any player builds in progress.
    -Made economy optional
    -Fixed preview timeouts not working correctly
    -Fixed rotation values


    -Added /in list & /in reload command
    -Added usages for all commands

    -Fixed grief prevention protection
    -Fixed doors in survival mode
    -Fixed lores not working correctly in anvils
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