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Multi Spleef is a fully automated plugin, which manages Spleef games and arenas.

  1. goasi
    What is Spleef?
    Spleef is a game which can be played on MineCraft servers. The goal of this game is to knock out all other players by destroying blocks beneath them. If a player falls out of an arena, he is out of the game. The last player in the arena wins the game.

    Why should I use this Spleef Plugin?
    Sure, there are lots of different plugins which support Spleef games. However, none of these other plugins support the probably biggest advantage of this plugin: Arenas in ANY shape you prefer. You want a snake-formed arena? Just select the full arena, create it and adjust its mask, to fit the snake shape.

    • Fully automated Spleef games
    • Unlimited arenas
    • Unlimited layers in an arena
    • Automatic regeneration of arena layers
    • Randomly generated block layers
    • Any arena-shape is possible
    • Individual configuration of each arena by flags
    • Achievements
    • Multiworld support
    • Camping detection: Camping players get teleported down one layer
    • Upper-layer camping prevention: Layers get deleted 10 seconds after the penultimate player falls down
    • Game history
    • Knockout history
    • Stats per player
    • Save your stats either in files or in a database
    • Top player rankings
    • Live SignWalls to show arenas and players
    • Easy setup

    There are a few things required to run Multi Spleef. Please install WorldEdit before you install Multi Spleef, otherwise there will be an exception!
    This plugin also has one optional dependency:
    • SQLibrary by PatPeter (Needed for database storage)
    Player permissions
    multispleef.game.vote - Allows a player to vote in all arenas
    multispleef.game.vote.ArenaID - Allows a player to vote in a specific arena
    multispleef.game.join - Allows a player to join into all arenas
    multispleef.game.join.ArenaID - Allows a player to join into a specific arena
    multispleef.game.leave - Allows a player to manually leave all arenas
    multispleef.game.leave.ArenaID - Allows a player to manually leave a specific arena
    multispleef.stats.stats - Allows a player to view statistics
    multispleef.stats.achievements - Allows a player to view achievements
    multispleef.stats.top - Allows a player to see the top players
    multispleef.stats.gamehistory - Allows a player to view the game history
    multispleef.stats.gameinfo - Allows a player to show information about a game
    multispleef.stats.knockouthistory - Allows a player to view the knockout history

    Staff permissions
    multispleef.admin.arena.create - Allows a player to create an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.remove - Allows a player to delete an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.enable - Allows a player to enable an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.disable - Allows a player to disable an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.info - Allows a player to show information about an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.defaultflag - Allows a player to modify flags of an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.flag - Allows a player to modify the default flags
    multispleef.admin.arena.gamemodes - Allows a player to configure the gamemodes of an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.layer - Allows a player to modify the layers of an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.prize - Allows a player to set prizes for an arena
    multispleef.admin.arena.mask - Allows a player to use the mask editor
    multispleef.admin.arena.setname - Allows a player to set names of arenas
    multispleef.admin.arena.reload - Allows a player to manually reload an arena from hard disk
    multispleef.admin.arena.list - Allows a player to list all arenas
    multispleef.admin.arena.save - Allows a player to save an arena manually
    multispleef.admin.game.forcegamemode - Allows a player to force a gamemode for one round
    multispleef.admin.game.forcestart - Allows a player to force a start of a game in an arena without enough votes
    multispleef.admin.game.kick - Allows a player to kick players out of their game
    multispleef.admin.game.stop - Allows a player to stop a game manually
    multispleef.admin.game.chat - Allows a player to use all commands in a spleef game
    multispleef.admin.lobbywall - Allows a player to manage lobbywalls
    multispleef.admin.arena.spawn - Allows a player to manage custom spawns

    For an overview over the commands use /spleef help, or look them up at BukkitDev: Click me

    Dev Builds

    I provide development builds, however they are completely unsupported. Use them at your own risk.
    Click me

    Video Tutorial

    (by elimusgrove9, a little bit outdated, but useful for basic understanding)

    Feedback, Questions, Errors
    Feel free to post feedback, questions and errors to the comments on this page.
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