[INACTIVE] 0.3.6-beta


  1. 0.3.0: Configurable Center Block and more.

    ~ This is a big update with some important changes you should know about if you already have the plugin in a production environment:

    [+] Changed message formatting/theme throughout the plugin. More locale options coming soon!
    [+] Added new permission nodes. Check them out on the overview page.
    [+] Made the center block material configurable.
    If you change this, it will literally break all your player's EnderPads on startup/reload.
    You have been warned!!
    [+] Refactored methods to prepare for a future 'API update.'
    Developers using EnderPads (if you even exist, yet):
    Class/package/method names may change a lot over the next several versions as I get
    everything settled into a centralized API package for all my plugins, current and future.
    [+] Using ActionBar messages to display the cooldown on applicable Minecraft versions (using reflection).
    [+] We're ignoring the data value for Bone Blocks now. I never realized they were rotateable. Waddanoob.
    EnderPads using Bone Blocks will break on startup to ensure consistency. Just a heads up.

    ~ So yeah, lots of changes. Above all else, please understand the consequence of altering the center block material.
    It will destroy all your EnderPads on startup/reload! Last warning!
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