[INACTIVE] 0.3.6-beta


  1. 0.3.1: Stability update.

    [+] Improved teleportation logic. Should be much more smooth; no more "moved too quickly" messages.
    [+] Many minor bugfixes and performance improvements.
    [+] Modified EnderPadUseEvent to include the destination EnderPad.
    [+] Added new custom Events:
    - AddToMemoryEvent: Fired when an EnderPad is cached.
    - RemoveFromMemoryEvent: Fired when an EnderPad is removed from the cache.
    - ConfigurationReloadEvent: Fired when the plugin is reloaded.

    ~ The plugin is almost stable enough to move out of beta and into production. Over the next few days I will be going over every possible use-case and error (if any) to ensure complete stability.
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