[INACTIVE] 0.3.6-beta


  1. 0.3.5: Administration GUI and Performance Improvements

    [+] Implemented /enderpads list. This command will allow you to browse and manage player's EnderPads with ease. It's not 100% done, but done enough to be released before the upcoming 1.13 update I plan to update again for.

    [+] Lots of performance improvements. A few users reported high cpu/ram usage; this update should help or fix these types of issues.

    As always, and especially for this update in particular, please report any issues you have with any relevant information.

    Plans for 1.13:
    1.13 may break certain key components of this plugin. Moving forward, I will make my best effort to update the plugin and maintain compatibility for older MC versions. No guarantees, whatsoever.

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