[INACTIVE] 0.3.6-beta


  1. 0.3.6: Entity Teleportation

    [+] PermissionsCache will cache player's permission results for 15 minutes or until they leave the server. Theoretically, this may increase performance considering how often permissions are checked. Downside is, if you make any permission changes related to EnderPads, players will need to re-log to see changes.

    [+] Entity Teleportation, includes creatures and item drops. Vehicles will be supported in a later version, possibly with support for some popular vehicle plugins. If the vehicle/s...
  2. 0.3.5: Administration GUI and Performance Improvements

    [+] Implemented /enderpads list. This command will allow you to browse and manage player's EnderPads with ease. It's not 100% done, but done enough to be released before the upcoming 1.13 update I plan to update again for.

    [+] Lots of performance improvements. A few users reported high cpu/ram usage; this update should help or fix these types of issues.

    As always, and especially for this update in particular, please report any issues you have with...
  3. 0.3.4: Fix lightning.

  4. 0.3.3: Effects.

    [+] Merged the EnderPadsEffects add-on with the core plugin. Make your EnderPads fanceh!

    [-] Removed SuperVanish, PremiumVanish, VanishNoPacket, and Essentials dependencies.

    ~ Vanish support is now via metadatavalues attached to players. Since Essentials doesn't use this, Essential's vanish cannot be supported until they do. Sorry folks.

    ~ There were some other minor fixes and improvements. As always, especially since the plugin is /still/ beta, please report any issues you may encounter....
  5. 0.3.2: More locale options and world blacklist.

    [+] Added a world blacklist. Simply add the names of any worlds you want the plugin to completely ignore.
    [+] Added more locale options. Now the plugin is more language neutral than ever!
    [+] Uploaded the project to Github. Feel free to check it out, maybe even contribute to it.

  6. 0.3.1: Stability update.

    [+] Improved teleportation logic. Should be much more smooth; no more "moved too quickly" messages.
    [+] Many minor bugfixes and performance improvements.
    [+] Modified EnderPadUseEvent to include the destination EnderPad.
    [+] Added new custom Events:
    - AddToMemoryEvent: Fired when an EnderPad is cached.
    - RemoveFromMemoryEvent: Fired when an EnderPad is removed from the cache.
    - ConfigurationReloadEvent: Fired when the plugin is reloaded.

    ~ The plugin is almost stable enough to...
  7. 0.3.0: Configurable Center Block and more.

    ~ This is a big update with some important changes you should know about if you already have the plugin in a production environment:

    [+] Changed message formatting/theme throughout the plugin. More locale options coming soon!
    [+] Added new permission nodes. Check them out on the overview page.
    [+] Made the center block material configurable.
    If you change this, it will literally break all your player's EnderPads on startup/reload.
    You have been warned!!
    [+] Refactored methods to...
  8. 0.2.4: More backwards compatibility. Custom Events.

    [+] Many changes to improve functionality on older versions of Minecraft. Anything before 1.7.10 is untested.
    [+] Added three custom events for other plugin developers: EnderPadUseEvent, EnderPadCreateEvent, and EnderPadDestroyEvent. They will allow you to get the Player (if there is one) and the EnderPad object.

    ~ I plan to have a more stable API for the EnderPads themselves eventually.
  9. 0.2.3: Hotfix for older MC versions.

    [+] Fixed an oversight with how Terracotta is stored to /data
    [+] Fixed an oversight in a method to determine whether a block has physics
    [+] Added compatibility for 1.11 and 1.7.10 and possibly every version between.

    ~ The backwards compatibility is not guaranteed. The plugin was tested on 1.11 and 1.7.10 and worked on both versions. There is an error for 1.7.10 which does not affect usability. It will spam your console, however.

    ~ Thank you for your bug report @cmhartin.
  10. 0.2.2: Fix configuration reload

    [+] Fixed a (potentially major) flaw in configuration reload logic.
    [+] Added bStats metrics.

    ~ You can always opt-out of EnderPads sending metrics using the global config inside the bStats folder.