[INACTIVE] 0.3.6-beta


  1. 0.2.1: Vanish support

    [+] Add support for SuperVanish 5.9.5
    [+] Add support for PremiumVanish 1.9.5 (maybe, I don't own it, so I can't properly test it)
    [+] Add support for Essentials (EssentialsX and Essentials-2.x by TeamCity both seem to work just fine)
    [+] Fixed a major flaw in how I hook into other plugins. Now we're future proofed!

    ~ Now lightning strikes and any other effects will be silenced if you are vanished.
    ~ I'll add VanishNoPacket soon. I'm still looking into up to date forks, like cnaude's:...
  2. 0.2.0: Rename and improvements/bug-fixes

    [+] Better than before block support
    [+] Changed the title of the plugin from "EnderPadsLite" to just "EnderPads"
    [+] Permanently blacklisted sand, gravel, and concrete powder
    [+] A few other minor improvements/bug-fixes I can't remember right now.
    [-] Removed /pads command

    ~ This update will create and use a new directory called "EnderPads", as opposed to the older, and already outdated, "EnderPadsLite" folder. I could have just programmed it to copy your old configs, but it's not...