Individual Signs Plus 2.0.1

Animated sign lines unique for each player: configurable, interactive, in-built scripting + more

  1. Empire92
    -------[ InSignsPlus ]-------
    { Author: Empire92 | Source: GitHub | API: Here | Donations: PayPal }
    InSignsPlus allows for all sorts of cool stuff on signs. Add personalized stats, messages, animations and interactions to signs. Make your server spawn look cool, or use it as a neat donation perk.

    InSignsPlus features functional placeholders and scripting, which greatly increases what you can do with it. There is also an API so other plugins can add add their own animated, auto-updating signs placeholders.

    - Simple and intuitive; just start typing on a sign
    - Use nested placeholders, or other text on the same line
    - Signs can be unique for each player
    - Create animations
    - Add interactive signs
    - Safe for normal players to use
    - Simple in built scripting (variables, functional placeholders, etc)
    - In game documentation, sign editing and script testing
    - Use javascript on signs
    - Add new placeholders using the API
    - Highly configurable

    - The plugin only updates packets when the server has a high tickrate.
    - The updates occur on a separate thread
    - Only certain whitelisted placeholders are updated.
    - You can configure how many signs can be updated per tick (default 25)
    - You can configure how many signs can be added to the queue (default 1000)
    - You can also simply disable auto-updating if you don't think it's necessary.


    Dependencies: (recommended)
    - ProtocolLib (More stable sign updating)
    Dependencies: (optional)
    - Vault (Adds permission, economy and chat related placeholders)
    - Enjin (Adds enjin tags)
    - Factions (Adds faction related tags)
    - Essentials (Used for getting offlineplayer DisplayName)

    - Custom placeholders go in the folder ".../plugins/InSignsPlus/scripts/"
    - Any additional placeholders will go there.
    - To add your own copy the default template "example.yml"
    - The placeholder for "example.yml" would be {example}
    Code (Text):
      - if {hasperm:hello}
      - return &1Hello!
      - else
      - return &4Bye!
    - Please visit the scripting page for more info on scripting
    - Animations, interactions and messages are in the language file (english.yml)
    Required to use placeholders on signs
    + One or more of the below

    Use all placeholders:
    Use a specific placeholder:

    /isp help <placeholder>
    Shows documentation on a placeholder
    permission: none​
    /isp reload
    Reloads the plugin
    permission: insignsplus.reload​
    /isp save
    Save the plugin
    /isp list [search] [page]
    Search for a placeholder (or just list them all)
    permission: none​
    /isp enable <placeholder>
    Enable a disabled placeholder
    permission: insignsplus.enable​
    /isp disable <placeholder>
    Disable a placeholder
    permission: insignsplus.disable​
    /isp setline <line> <value>
    Evaluate text and put it on a sign (use {line} to append)
    permission: insignsplus.setline, insignsplus.setline.override​
    /isp putline <line> <value>
    Put text on a sign (use {line} to append)
    permission: insignsplus.putline, insignsplus.putline.override​
    /isp gvar <var> [value]
    Set or remove variables
    permission: insignsplus.gvar​
    /isp if <script>
    Check if an expression is true
    permission: insignsplus.if​
    /isp eval <placeholder>
    Evaluate a placeholder
    permission: insignsplus.eval​
    /isp exec <script>
    Execute a script
    permission: insignsplus.exec​
    /isp player <player> <script>
    Run a script for a player
    permission: insignsplus.player​
    /isp all <script>
    Run a script for all players
    permission: insignsplus.all​
    All placeholders can be listed in-game using /isp list​

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    Version: 2.0.1
    add support for all Placeholders of plugin PlaceholdersAPI .
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    Another great plugin