Industrial-MC Lite [1.11.x-1.12.x] Lite-2

Minecraft, Industrial Style.

  1. BlockMcGee
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    industrial-biglogo.png Industrial-MC views Minecraft in a new way, an industrial way, this plugin features mechanised blocks that so far have only existed in modded minecraft, and brings them to spigot servers. Industrial-MC was inspired by the modded Minecraft community most of which consist of mods that bring machines into minecraft. and now you can add those modded features to your vanilla spigot servers!
    Industrial-MC can be run independently, or run along side other plugins.



      • Introducing Power Units - the plugin features the whole new "pd" power unit, that is used and generated within the plugin.
      • Highly Configurable - Do you want to change the plugin to fit your likings? well you can change pretty much everything! from languages machine attributes and recipes of the plugins items!
      • Mob Grinders - you can now create automatic mob grinders that can be turned on and off at your will, that will do the killing for you!
      • Jetpacks - the plugin features several types of jetpacks all of which derive from the different battery types, that determine which jetpack they will create, so you can fly away!
      • Power Management - within the plugin you can craft cables/wires(end rods) that can be used to transfer power from one machine to another, due to limitations in the minecraft engine, end rods dont connect from their sides, so power distributers are used(chiseled stone brick, see Video^).
      • Power Storage - the plugin features several battery types ranging from hand held small batteries, to huge multi-block battery bank blocks!
      • Green Power Generation - do you not want to waste coal and warm up your minecraft climate?, well with this plugin you can create solar panels that create power passively, without burning resources or wind turbines that run forever with an animation!
      • Energy Weapons - Want to shoot purple laser beams that deal lots of damage? well this plugin bring that to reality!
      • No More Confusing Recipes - Ever wondered what the hell is the recipe for this plugin item?, well worry no more! Industrial-MC bring a command that showcases all of its craftable items in a single click!
      • Totally Independant - this plugin can run completely on its own, without the need of extra feature plugins!
      • Electric Smelting - with the power of pd you can smelt items without the need for solid fuels!
      • Rechargeable Tools - Are you tired of your tools breaking? well with this plugin you can create tools that can last forever by charging them!
      • Mob Capturing - ever wanted to be a minecraft pokemon hunter? well now you can catch mobs with safari nets and transport them where ever you like!
      • Region/Claim Respectful! - Worried that your friends will quary your house? dont be! quaries dont mine in other players regions/Claims!
      • Want More Features? Just Buy the Full Plugin That Includes tons more machines and custom blocks! aswell as incoming updates!
    inc - Opens the Industrial-MC Creative Menu.
    Permission: industrial.creative

    /findmachine <machine-ID> - Gives Information About the given Machine-ID.
    Permission: industrial.findid

    /mymachines - Lists Your Owned Machines.
    Permission: industrial.mymachines

    /wrench - Gives you a Wrench.
    Permission: industrial.wrench

    /industrial - The Master Utility Command of The Industrial-MC Plugin. (Alias: /ind)
    Sub Commands:

      • /industrial reload - reloads the plugin files.
        Permission : industrial.master.reload
      • /industrial set <config-section> <value> - sets the given config section to the given value, requires reload/restart to settle.
        Permission : industrial.master.set
      • /industrial setcharge <amount> - sets the held items charge to the given value
        Permission: industrial.master.setcharge
      • /industrial setmaxcharge <amount> - sets the held items charge capacity to the given value
        Permission: industrial.master.setmaxcharge
      • /industrial recipes - opens up a menu that you can click on a craftable Industrial-MC item to show its recipe.
      • /industrial setrecipe <replace-default?> <shapeless?> - set an Industrial-MC item's recipe with the option to replace the original or not, and if its shapeless or not.
        Permission: industrial.master.setrecipe
      • /industrial removerecipe - remove a custom made recipe.
        Permission: industrial.master.removerecipe
    Permissions to use Machines:
    Charging Station:
    Generator: industrial.machine.generator
    Battery Bank: industrial.machine.batterybank
    Mob Grinder: industrial.machine.mobgrinder
    Solar Panel: industrial.machine.solarpanel
    Electric Furnace: industrial.machine.electricfurnace
    Jetpacks: industrial.create.jetpack
    Rechargeable Tools: industrial.create.powertool
    Safari Net: industrial.machine.safarinet

    Please Report Bugs In The Discussion Thread and Not in the Review Section!

    (pd stands for "pixie dust")


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  1. Bug Fixes.

Recent Reviews

  1. DarkWaterHd
    Version: Lite-2
    This plugin is great, and I don't understand why people would rate this plugin anything less then 4 stars. Here is 5 starts BlockMcGee, you earned it. But I understand this is not the place, but I am lazy so I will just ask the question here in the review. Does this support PaperSpigot
  2. Kh4aled
    Version: Lite-2
    i want premium version plz ): -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ImNoDev
    Version: Lite-2
    My last review was on Sep 5, 2017 ( This was for the PREMIUM version of the plugin ) and it was a one star due to how many bugs this plugin has. It still has many problems and doesn't look like they are going to change. EpicSpawners has a problem with this plugin and it's annoying because this plugin looked so good to have for a survival server. This plugin is extremely temprimental it will break when you even reboot the server. I had silk spawners and it broke the plugin then i switched and it worked fine for a while but when i went to place down a harvester it broken. So now i'm refunding my players items they've wasted and time they've wasted because this developer isn't working on a fix for these issues all he is doing is sitting there and pumping out more features you can't use because of other plugins. This is a total waste of money and I wish I never bought it. The developer is very tight about what he adds to the plugin which you can see in my other review where i provided a screenshot of the chat of us and him. He wouldn't even add a toggle feature for a resource pack but then went ahead and added it anyway lmfao. I would avoid purchasing this plugin and looking else where. this developer is not worth your time. It's not like these bugs are even new or anything. He is fully aware of them and doesn't plan on fixing them. I would avoud this 0/10 for me and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
    1. BlockMcGee
      Author's Response
      this version doesnt even have custom blocks, stop spamming 1 star reviews on my plugins when you dont even report bugs or cooperate when i disagree on something you ask and hold 1 star reviews as ransom if i dont add it.