Infernal Mobs 6.7

Mobs can become Infernal boss mobs and drop cool loot!

  1. Updated for 1.19

    Just 1.19 support, no other changes.
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  2. V6.6 Update: The Food Update

    NOTE: Reset loot file if you want the new edible items,

    - Fixed some enchantment stuff for loot.

    - Added a bunch of new loot.

    - Added the ability to give potion effects from eating loot items.

    - Fixed older version support.
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  3. Updated for 1.18

    - It will work on 1.18, but I have not added new stuff for 1.18 or 1.17 features yet,
    (If you have any suggestions for that let me know.)

    - Tweaked how enchantments work on items a bit.

    - Fixed some stuff for the config generation,
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  4. Update to 1.17.1

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  5. Bug-fix Update 6.3

    Fixed several errors that were reported.

    Added some new loot.
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  6. Update to maybe fix bugs

    Hopefully this version fixes bugs, let me know if you still get any errors.
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  7. Updated to 1.16.1

    Thanks to FabioZumbi12 for the update.
    Change list:
    • Updated to 1.16.1;
    • Added a config for 1.16 (if you used this plugin on 1.15.2, just add new mobs on "enabledMobs" config, list below);
    • Fixed errors and removed non living mobs from tab completion;
    • If no abilities set on spawn commands, it will add random ones;
    • If someone add loots for 1.16 itens and want to share, we will glad to add with the updated...
  8. Update to 1.15

    - Updated to 1.15
    - Fixed issues in the loot file
    - Removed most deprecated methods
  9. Fixed bugs, added Diving Staff

    old bugs and crashes should be gone, added a staff to help find nearby infernal mobs, just craft it with 2 blaze rods and a nether star.
  10. Update to 1.14.2

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