InfiniteKits 1.3

If you can dream the kit you can make it!

  1. Tux2
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Frustrated at other kit plugins that don't really do what you want them to do? Have you ever thought that there might just be a better way? Introducing InfiniteKits! With support for enchantments, custom names, lore, custom potion creation, player head support, dyed armor and custom repair values on the items, cooldowns, in game kit editing, and a whole bunch more this plugin easily passes up all the competition!

    • Easy chest GUI to edit your kit
    • Supports Enchantments, even ones that you can't get in game!
    • Supports banners with patterns, written books, custom item names, lore, custom potions, player heads, dyed armor, and custom repair values!
    • Create custom items (item names, lore, potions, player heads, and custom repair values) in game!
    • Make a first time login kit to give to all new players upon login!
    • Set cool downs on kits
    • Economy integration through Vault (optional)
    • CommandPoints integration (optional)
    • Have kits use both CommandPoints and money, or either or. It's your choice!
    • Let the player choose to either spend their hard earned commandPoints or money using different commands with the dual economy system. (as long as the kit is set to accept either one instead of needing both)
    • In game kit editing, set anything about a kit in game!
    • infinitekits.modifykit - Allows the player to edit kits
    • - This player is allowed to get any kit for free
    • infinitekits.nocooldown - Exempt this player from cool downs on kits
    • infinitekits.starterkit - Allows the player to set the first login kit
    • infinitekits.kit.[kitname] - Allows the player to use the kit (defaults to everyone being able to use kits)
    • infinitekits.potions.create - Allows the player to create and customize potions
    • infinitekits.customize.displayname - Allows the player to customize the item name
    • infinitekits.customize.lore - Allows the player the ability to customize the item lore
    • infinitekits.customize.repaircost - Allows the player the ability to set the repair cost of an item
    • infinitekits.customize.heads - Allows the player to spawn custom player heads
    • /kit [kitname] - Gives a user a kit, using money first, then command points if enabled.
    • /ikit [kitname] - Gives a user a kit using their money if enabled.
    • /ckit [kitname] - Gives a user a kit, using their command points if enabled.
    • /mkit edit <kitname> - Creates or edits the kit with that name with a nice chest GUI for adding or removing items.
    • /mkit clone <originalkitname> <newkitname> - Clones an existing kit to a new kit which you can then edit in a nice chest GUI.
    • /mkit additem <kitname> - Either creates a kit with the quantity of the item you have in your hand, or adds it to the current kit with the same name
    • /mkit removeitem <kitname> - Removes the item held in your hand from the current kit
    • /mkit setprice <kitname> <price> - Sets the economy price of the kit
    • /mkit setcp <kitname> <price> - Sets the amount of command points needed to get the kit
    • /mkit requireboth <kitname> - Requires the player to have both the command points, and money set to purchase the kit (if the kit uses just command points or just money make sure to have this set, and the other value set to zero)
    • /mkit requireone <kitname> - The player can purchase this kit with either their command points or in game money, it doesn't need both
    • /mkit setcooldown <kitname> <cooldown> - Sets the cooldown for the kit in seconds before players can use it again
    • /mkit remove <kitname> - Deletes an entire kit
    • /newpotion <quantity> - Spawns a water bottle of the desired amount. If no quantity is specified then it just gives you 1
    • /npeffect [potioneffect] [multiplier] [duration] <ambient> - Adds a potion effect to the potion in your hand. Duration is in ticks. Ambient is either true or false and controls wether the potion particle effect is displayed.
    • /infinitekits [setname] [item name] - Sets the name of the item you are holding in your hand
    • /infinitekits [setlore] [lore] - Sets the lore of the item you are holding in your hand erasing any previous lore
    • /infinitekits [addlore] [lore] - Adds another line to the lore of the item you are holding
    • /infinitekits [setrepaircost] [repair cost] - Sets the repair cost of an item
    • /infinitekits [playerhead] [player name] - Gives you the specified player's head
    • /infinitekits starterkit [kit] - Sets the first login kit to the defined kit

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Recent Reviews

  1. TheBuildZone
    Version: 1.3
    Great plugin everything work as it says it does also I was wondering if in the next update you could make it were the kits are in a chest like a chest when you put the chest down the kit go to your inventory and the chest goes away but make it not just a chest but enderchests well thanks again for the GREAT plugin
  2. Zukons
    Version: 1.2
    Very configurable and easy to use! Active developer updating and fixing bugs. Deserves more attention.
  3. Patti
    Version: 1.2
    Amazing and easily the best and easiest setups for kits. Works perfect! This is the best kit plugin available.