InfinitePotions 4.0.0

You can give everyone the same "infinite" potion effects! (even after death->respawn)

  1. vk2gpz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    NOTE: for updates/bug fix, please contact me at

    This plugin will allow everyone on the server to have the same set of infinite potion effects. You can specify which potion effects will be applied to everyone in the config.yml.

    Even if you die and respawned, the same potion effects will be applied to the player.

    • /infpot help : displayer the help menu
    • /infpot reload : reload the config.yml
    • infinitepotions.bypass : allows you to bypass potion effects being applied (useful for admins/moderators)
    You just put InfinitePotions.jar file into your server's plugins folder.

    Code (Text):

      ErrorMsg : "&c[InfinitePotion] : Some error occured."

        msg: "=== &e[&aInfinitePotions Commands List (%version%)&e] &r==="
        msg: "&a/infpot help : displays this help menu."
        msg: "&a/infpot reload : reloads config file."
        permission: "infinitepotions.reload"
        msg: "&a/infpot debug <true|false> : turn on / off the debug mode."
        permission: "infinitepotions.debug"

    # If other plugins are interfering with this plugin for certain events,
    # you can adjust this plugin's event process priority with the following options
    # possilbe priority values are "LOWEST", "LOW", "NORMAL", "HIGH", "HIGHEST", "MONITOR"
      PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent: "MONITOR"
      PlayerTeleportEvent: "MONITOR"
      PlayerItemConsumeEvent: "MONITOR"
      PlayerRespawnEvent: "MONITOR"
      PlayerJoinEvent: "MONITOR"

    # if UsePermission is set to true, a player needs to have infinitepotions.<potionname> (all in lowercase) to receive
    # the infinite potion effect
    # If UserPermission option is set to "true",
    # the plugin will determine the level of infinite potion being applied to using player's permission node first, followed by the potion type permission node.
    # For instance, if you have Speed potion configured as:
    #  Speed:
    #    Level: 5
    # If a player has a permission node "infinitepotions.speed.4",
    # the infinite speed potion of level 4 will be applied to this player.
    # If the player does not have "infinitepotions.speed.*" (where * is the level),
    # then the plugin will check whether the player has "infinitepotions.speed" permission or not. if s/he does, the default level 5 will be given.
    UsePermission: false

    # These potion effects are applied to all player upon login
    # supported potion effects:
    # Haste (Bukkit name: FAST_DIGGING)
    # Speed (Bukkit name: SPEED)
    # Nightvision (Bukkit name: NIGHT_VISION)
    # Jump (Bukkit name: JUMP)
    # Regeneration (Bukkit name: REGENERATION);
    # FireProtection (Bukki name: FIRE_RESISTANCE)
    # DamageResist (Bukkit name: DAMAGE_RESISTANCE
    # Aqua (Bukkit name: WATER_BREATHING)
    # Saturation (Bukkit name: SATURATION)
    # HealthBoost (Bukkit name: HEALTH_BOOST)
    # Strength (Bukkit name: INCREASE_DAMAGE)
    # Blindness (Bukkit name: BLINDNESS)
    # Confusion (Bukkit name: CONFUSION)
    # Harm (aka Instant Damage, Bukkit name: HARM)
    # Hunger (Bukkit name: HUNGER)
    # Poison (Bukkit name: POISON)
    # Slow (Bukkit name: SLOW)
    # Weakness (Bukkit name: WEAKNESS)
    # Wither (Bukkit name: WITHER)
    # Particle option is false by default
        Particle: false
        Level: 3
          - parkour
          - plotworld
        Level: 2


    It would be greatly appreciated for your donation to continue providing support for this plugin.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Prostedeni
    Version: 4.0.0
    Thank you very much, good plugin, works perfectly with 1.14.4, wish all plugins were this error-less
  2. KG_Khan
    Version: 3.0.0
    What if I have two of the same types of effects but with different levels? How can I do that?
  3. DD39526
    Version: 2.2.1
    Is there no invisibility?
    If you haven't add invisibility please add it ASAP because my server is in need of one.
    1. vk2gpz
      Author's Response
      ??? It already does support all potion effects available in Minecraft.
  4. Gianluca
    Version: 2.1.0
    Plugin is great! Very lightweight! And, with the usePermission option, you can easily create a "shop" where players can buy these effects! No bugs found as of yet, and the plugin works well! The only thing it's missing is a command for players to "remove" certain effects, yet keep others. Thanks for this great plugin!
  5. JordanDev
    Version: 2.1.0
    I Like The Idea The Only Thing I Think It Should Be Toggle-able Because If Your On a Factions Server And You Have Infinite Speed 2 Its A Bit Op
    1. vk2gpz
      Author's Response
      You should not be using like that...
  6. jakcameronn
    Version: 1.0.1
    Plugin is good, it would be a good idea to add a bypass permission for a individual potion like infinitiepotions.bypass.(potion)
    1. vk2gpz
      Author's Response
      is this for admin/op ?
  7. johnc291992
    Version: 1.0.1
    Thanks for this resource! It's very useful in giving out default potion effects on different worlds each of which hosts different minigame.