Infinity multiple inventories

☘ Safe backpack storages without losing items from backpack on death

  1. Gasha
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Gasha , Electro2560
    I suggest everyone to use my BackPacks plugin instead of this, because backpacks plugin is newer, more advanced and contains all features that this plugin have, even contains tons of cool new features

    With this plugin you can create infinity virtual chests (storage-backpacks) diffrent size with infinity permissions without player losing items from it on death..its like safe storage,my players loves it even more then backpacks that are losing items on that, but i still use both plugins this one is for players that once safe items always.. you can easily combine this plugin with others

    you can create as many as you want backpacks and permission will generate automatic just add number after multipleinventories.inventory."inv-number" and you can have milions inventories(virtual storage backpacks) here is examples of permissions and config



    /inv1,/inv2,/inv3,/inv5./inv6.../inv100../inv500../inv and what ever number you want
    (it automatic create virtual storage backpack (chest) by default size that you set in config)

    you can have more then 50 diffrent size of backpack(storage)


    CONFIG (and Messages)
    To do:
    - command for staff to open other players backpacks - DONE!!!
    (you are free to use this source code if someone creates new things before me, you can send me and i will upload it for everyone and add you as contributor, helper in creating this plugin)

    On 50 downloads of this plugin i will post New cool plugin for Backpacks with ability to limit backpacks, command to see other players backpacks, and command clear backpack and totally free for you guys <3

    If you are very satisfied with this plugin and you decide to be my special friend and buy me a coffee that will keep me working on upgrading plugin more and more all the time <3
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Recent Reviews

  1. zizo95
    Version: ⌘
    nice idea good job man.................
    1. Gasha
      Author's Response
      Hey bro thanks alot for such nice review
      I suggest you to try BackPacks plugin or CreativeSecurity both having backpack system implented
      even more advanced then this plugin

      Backpacks - have multiple inventories same as this plugin just more advanced and much better

      CreativeSecurity - have implented Backpacks plugin with tons of additional advanced things

      If you need any help or have questions feel free to PM me anytime
      Cheers <3
  2. Onihc
    Version: ⌘
    Awesome! Simple but 100% funcional. And I can give backpack to my default players and inv to my ranked players. Keep it up!
    1. Gasha
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot are the best ❤ i suggest you to switch on MY new backpack plugin its even better...there is also ablity to make infinity multiple backpacks..but even with nuch more commands and ability then this one
  3. DarkRaptor334
    Version: ▩
    Great plugin
    nice virtual external storage
    now i can save all items in diffrent backpacks..
    infinity permissions are also very cool