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Give informational books for player

  1. Gnacik
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    == Info Book ==

    InfoBook is simple bukkit plugin which have only one purpose. On first player login you can give free books with your content. You can put there informations about player commands, how to get VIP status or whatever you want. Player will get book only once (you can give more than one) and book content can be changed through config

    == Important informations ==

    * Book have 14 lines per page
    * Line can have 19 chars
    * In page definitions you can use color codes
    * If you need new line use &x

    == Update Checking ==

    This plugin utilizes Gravity's update checker to notify when a new version of the plugin is out - it will not automatically download the new version.
    This can be enabled or disabled in the config.yml. To disable update-checking, set version-check to false.

    == Commands ==

    |infobook list|infobook.list|List available books|
    |infobook reload|infobook.reload|Reload confuguration|
    |infobook get <book>|infobook.get|Get book <book> if its defined in config|
    |infobook save <book>||Save book from your hand into config as <book>|
    |infobook delete <book>|infobook.delete|Delete book <book> from config|
    |infobook give <player> <book>|infobook.give|Give <book> for <player>|

    == Default config ==

    Configuration sample below. Inside **onlogin** list you can put more than one book name which player will get on first login. above you need to define that book with params author, title and list of pages.

    Code (Text):

    # InfoBook

    # Plugin should check for new versions and inform you on server start?
    version-check: false

    # Language file
    language: en

    # Every player will got books from that list on first login
      - bookname

    # Show book content on login without giving it into inventory
    # put 'null' word to disable that option
    # If you want display info on every login put book name
    # on dontsave list
    showonlogin: null

    # delay in seconds
    showonlogin-delay: 2

    # Player cannot drop books from that list.
      - bookname

    # You can decide what books from onlogin list will not save
    # information that player got it already, so players will get
    # that books on every login.
      - bookname

    # You can destroy book on drop from inventory
    destroy-on-drop: false

    # If true you need to add permission node:
    # without that perms, player will not autoget books
    per-book-permissions: false

    # Book definition
        slot: 9
        author: 'Admin'
        title: 'Informations'
          - 'First line'
          - 'Second line'
          - '&cInformation book &x &x&0Here you &xcan put &xinformations.'
          - 'Second page of our book.'

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Recent Reviews

  1. EHCanadian
    Version: InfoBook 2.6
    Works in 1.13.2, However, The console spits out ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerJoinEvent to InfoBook v2.6

    This is much more simpler then dealing with EssentialsX book.txt
    I googled and googled and could not find a way to write books broken down into something manageable.

    5 Stars cause it works as intended. -1 star for the console ERROR :)
  2. MaXxder4
    Version: InfoBook 2.6
    Nice plugin, very lightweight.
    Thanks for sharing this Wonderful resource! Could you maybe add that we can just do Enter instead of &x ?
    This way the books don't look so messy in the config file. Just an idea. Greetings!!!
  3. mat41997
    Version: InfoBook 2.4
    Dzięki, bardzo dobry plugin : )