InfoCommands v1.0

Automatically load commands like /ts or /discord from your database!

  1. yanjulang
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    We all know this: Information provided by essential commands like /ts or /discord change, and now we have to update our plugin to all servers.
    A useless work. But do you really need it?

    The answer is simple: No!
    InformationCommands lets put your essential commands into your mysql database. In this way, you never have trouble updating those simple information again.
    Just change them in your database, and you're good to go!

    The plugin automatically updates the commands in the background, so you do not even have to reload your servers, just edit the commands and watch.

    How it works
    This plugin is actually very simple. You just need a mysql database(and a minecraft server ^^). The plugin will automatically create a new table (name is editable in config) with the following structure:

    As you can see, there are two values: "name" and "messages", Both are text values(VarChar). The maximum length for name is 30, for messages it's 300.
    Now, if you for example want to create a new command like "/discord" which will display your discord server, e.g. "&9&lOur discord-server:".

    There are two options:
    1) run "/ic addcommand discord &9&lOur discord-server:" ingame(as player or as console) [recommended]
    2) manually enter those values to the mysql database

    After adding the command, all you have to do is wait until the plugin updates the commands. You will see a message saying "InfoCommands> Updating commands..." in your server console. Now everyone can use /discord to see your server link

    There are some less commands you have to know to use InformationCommands.
    /infocommands add/addcommand <Command> <Message(s)> - Add a new InfoCommand. Command is just the command name, e.g. "discord". Messages are the messages you want to display. If you want to have more than one line, you can combine them by using ";;" as separator.
    /infocommands remove/removecommand <Command> - Remove an InfoCommand. Again, just enter the command name like "discord"
    /infocommands list/listcommands - List the InfoCommands


    There is just one permission for all admin commands. You can change it in the config.yml file located in the plugins directory
    The default permission is "infocommands.admin"


    In the config you can change almost everything(the missing values will follow soon, so you can really change everything :p)
    Code (YAML):

    # Define the prefix+permission
    : '&bInfoCommands&8> &7'
    : 'infocommands.admin'

    # Define how many seconds should be waited until updating again
    : 60

    # Define the plugin's messages
    : '&cYou don''t have permission'

    # Define the MySQL data
    : 'localhost'
    : 3306
    : 'username'
    : 'password'
    : 'database'
    : 'infocommands'


    The installation of the plugin is very simple. Just put it into your plugins directory and reload/restart your server. When you first run the server with the plugin, you will propably get an error.
    Instead you use the worst mysql credentials possible.

    Now, edit the config.yml file that has been created in "plugins/InfoCommands". Enter your mysql credentials and adjust the other settings how you like. Save the config and reload/restart again.
    Now the plugin should already work!


    If you run into any problems running the plugin, feel free to post them in the "Discussion" tab on top of this site. I will (hopefully) reply to everyone and fix bugs if there are some.

    Have fun with the plugin!