InfoSetter | /website, /shop & more! | 1.7-1.12 1.1

A lightweight plugin which adds lots of configerable commands to the game!

  1. Prefix!

    Sorry for the double post,

    Prefixes have now been added!

    Code (Text):
    #Version 1.2
    #Created by BlexieKing
    #Use colour codes (&1, &2, &3, etc) for colours

    website: ""
    forums: ""
    buystore: ""
    shop: ""
    mutes: ""
    bans: ""
    punishments: ""

    #Whether commands are enabled/disabled
    #Set to true or false

    website_enabled: true
    forums_enabled: true
    buystore_enabled: true
    shop_enabled: true
    mutes_enabled: true
    bans_enabled: true
    punishments_enabled: true

    #The message to show if a command is disabled

    disabled_message: "Sorry! This command isn't enabled!"
    prefix: "&cInfoSetter "
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