InfoVip 2.0

View information about the VIPs of the server

  1. AntonioNono


    This plugin allows a simple command to see including the vip.
    - /imversion - View plugin version
    - /vip - Vip List available for purchase
    - /infovip - Info on Vip rank
    - /infovip+ - Info on Vip+ rank
    - /infovip++ - Info on Vip++ rank
    - /renewvip - Renew your vip with a command
    You can add more VIPs and other names. If you rename the command would be "/info[NAME]".
    The plugin includes a direct purchase link on each Vip.

    The plugin can be programmed in any language.
    The plugin cost 2€ (2.25USD) - If the server is very good, it's free!

    If you are interested plugin, contact me at "[email protected]" or in skype "live:antoniononodev".

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    Version: 2.0
    This is a Good Plugin