InfractionManager 1.0.3-BETA

Multi-Player Infractions, Auto Punishments, Per Type Decay, Configurable Types

  1. KillerOfPie
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Infraction Manager
    By: KillerOfPie

    • Configurable infraction types
    • Multi-Player infractions
    • Console Support
    • Configurable dynamic punishments
    • Automatic punishments
    • Automatic date recording

    • Java 8 or higher
    • Bukkit/Spigot - Tested on 1.12.X

    Please DO NOT report bugs or submit suggestions in the comment section, use the links provided instead.

    To Be Added:

    • Custom message support
    • Different data storage types

    Know Bugs/Exploits:

    • None known.


    This plugin has both an update notifier and metrics. If you wish to turn off either one you can do so in the main config file, however, I would greatly appreciate it if you left them enabled(especially metrics).

    Metrics that are collected are anonymous and can be viewed here:


    Our code, both in source or binary (compiled) form, is licensed under the Apache License v2.0.

    You may:
    • Download the plugin for whatever use you need it for
    • Share it with other people, linking them back to this page (only official download)
    • Take credit for changes you make - you may not (re)distribute the plugin even if you have adapted it to suit your or other people's needs, I retain copyright over the whole code.
    You may not:
    • Tell people you made it and/or take the credit for it.
    • Setup unofficial download links - I'd love if you shared this resource with people, but only if you share this resource's URL.
    Please read the full license for more information.

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Recent Updates

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