IngameReports 1.5.1

Easy to use plugin allowing for players to make reports for staff to see and handle

  1. Finished up customization features

    Fixed a lack of some customization features that were meant to be there since 1.5, you should now be able to customize how everything looks
  2. Some final bug fixes and customization functionality

    Added a lot more customization options to the config to how you want the plugin to display its info.

    Fixed a bug where with certain server software the plugin would throw an EOFException on startup due to a CAPITALIZATION mistake

    Fixed several bugs to do with NullPointerExceptions occuring when you try to delete or otherwise access reports if some of them have been made by console

    This should hopefully be the last bit of bugfixing for a while. Enjoy the plugin!
  3. Various bug fixes and some small features

    Fixed a bug where an error would occur in console if you tried to comment from console.

    Fixed a bug where an error would occur if you tried to enter a page number in /reports if there were no reports.

    You can now make reports and report comments through console!

    Corrected the default config to mention ingamereports instead of needstaff. Both plugins used similar configs and I guess I just forgot to change a couple lines.

    Corrected a mistake where if you entered an...
  4. Compatibility with other api versions fixed

    title :)
  5. Some minor bug fixes as well as the ability to limit the amount of reports someone can make

    Bug fixes:
    - "time since creation" should now be more consistent
    - minor improvements to code
    - Honestly, I forgot what all I improved

    Extra feature:
    You can now specify in the config how many reports someone is able to make.
    There have been no changes to permissions or any of the sorts, you can simply update the plugin and forget about it

    I haven't had the time to extensively test for bugs though, if you find any let me know!
  6. Fixed bug where player reports couldn't be removed if player was offline

    Title :)