InifiniteJump - Double/Triple/Infinite jump 1.2.8

The ultimate double jump plugin: double jump, triple jump, infinite jump and more !!!

  1. Fix '/ijump toggle' command

    Version 1.2.8
    • Fix '/ijump toggle' command
  2. Fix jump after world change, update command

    Version 1.2.7
    • Fix jump after world change
    • Native 1.13 Minecraft support (the plugin still work on 1.8-1.13.2 servers)
    • Update the /ijump command
    If you want you can donate here :coffee:
  3. Add WatchCat support and bug fix

    Version 1.2.6
    • Add WatchCat support
    • Fix a bug when you double jump when flying
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  4. Fix EnableOnJoin with some permissions plugins

    Version 1.2.5

    • Fix EnableOnJoin with some permissions plugins
  5. Fix some bugs with double jump

    Version 1.2.4

    • Fix some bugs with double jump
    • Performances optimisations with permissions check
    No config changes
  6. Add VelocityUp option and particle visible only for visible players

    Version 1.2.3

    • You can now set the up velocity
    • Jump particles are only display for players who can see the player who jump (usefull for staff in vanish)
    Just add this in your config.yml
    Code (YAML):
    VelcocityUp: 1.5
    And thanks we have more than 10 000 downloads ! :eek:
  7. Fix fly in creative + particles optimisations in 1.8

    Version 1.2.2

    • Fix fly disabled when going in creative mode with jump enabled
    • Particles optmisations in 1.8
  8. 1.8 fix

    Version 1.2.1

    • Fix the plugin in 1.8
  9. World whitelist & others changes

    Version 1.2.0

    Work with 1.13 :)

    • Worlds whitelist
    • Fix somes bugs with reloads, with fly in creative mode etc
    • Add an option to not enable jumps on join
    Just add this to your config:
    Code (YAML):
    EnableOnJoin: true

    : false

    - "world"
  10. Code optimisations & better /ijump command

    Version 1.1.1

    • Some code optimisations
    • Better /ijump command
    • Add tab-complete on /ijump command
    • Add a message in the console if there is a wrong particle/sound in the config.yml
    And thanks ! We are almost to 5000 downloads ! Tell me if you have any bug or suggestion