InnLock alpha1.2

Allow players to rent or buy chests and doors.

  1. dan14941
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    This allows players to rent or buy the use of doors or chests.

    Important: This plugin needs Vault to work!

    To create a chest buy or rent shop place a sign on the chest,
    and on the second line either write buy, rent or rent h(number of hours), on the third line place the amount a buyer must pay to buy the chest, it can be free as well.

    Note: Currently prices on a chest sign will not work!
    Note: Door signs will not work yet!

    - /innlock Shows information about the innlock plugin.
    - /innlock serverchest Turns an innlock chest sign into a server shop.

    - Create support to rent or buy chests and doors.
    - Add door support.

    This plugin is in beta and it is not intended to function 100% correctly when first installed! Please come check for newer versions later!

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